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easyLIFE Foresight

Is your priority above all to protect your family or your company from financial turbulence in the event of death? Then easyLIFE Foresight is the ideal solution.
It allows you to pay a defined amount to a person you freely designate in the event of your death.


Large guaranteed amounts for a small premium

easyLIFE Foresight is the solution that guarantees the largest amounts to your loved ones for a reasonable premium.
You are free to determine the amount you wish to guarantee or the amount of your premiums and choose how often you want to pay them.

Tax deduction and exemption

Your premiums are tax deductible. Depending on your income, you can save up to 45 % of your premiums.
In the event of death, your direct beneficiaries do not pay any tax on the amount you have set aside for them.

Immediate availability of funds

In the event of death, the beneficiaries you have designated have immediate access to the amount you have defined, without waiting for the end of the estate.

Estate planning

You are free to decide who will receive the amount of your easyLIFE Foresight insurance. You can change the beneficiaries of your contract as many times as you like, free of charge.


Accident Option

In the event of accidental death, the insured capital can be up to four times higher. And in the case of a traffic accident, the insured sum can be paid up to seven times.

Total disability Option

This allows, at the very least, the suspension of premium payments while maintaining the guarantee of payment of the defined amounts. In the event of total physiological disability, the amount provided for in the event of death is paid immediately.


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easyLIFE Foresight

easyLIFE Foresight

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One or two insured persons – the choice is yours

If you live as a couple, it may be useful to purchase joint life insurance. This means that the amount provided for in the event of death is paid to the beneficiary immediately upon the death of one of the two insured persons.

Guaranteeing the repayment of a loan

Pure foresight insurance can be an excellent way to cover the amount of a loan. If the loan is for the purchase of your principal residence, outstanding balance due insurance will nevertheless be the most appropriate solution.

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