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Mortgage insurance

Are you about to take out a mortgage to become a homeowner? Have you thought about a mortgage or outstanding balance insurance?
This is very often requested by banks, and it allows you to protect your family against financial risk.

The main purpose of mortgage or outstanding balance due insurance is to reimburse in the event of death the amount you have defined, usually the amount equivalent to the loan.  It can also be supplemented by the permanent total disability benefit. In the event of total and permanent physiological disability as a result of an accident or illness, the insurance will reimburse the defined amount.


One or two insured persons – the choice is yours

Mortgage insurance can cover a single insured person or two insured persons, when the loan is repaid by two partners or two spouses. 

Single or annual premium – it’s up to you

You can choose between a single premium at the start of the loan or an annual premium.

Tax deduction: Single premium

The single premium is tax-efficient and allows you to deduct a large amount of money from your taxes depending on your age and family situation. 

Tax deduction : annual premium

The annual premiums are tax deductible (Article 111).  The maximum deductible limit is set at EUR 672 per member of the household.


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