lalux-Safe Invest : it is actually possible to combine performance, security and flexibility

In a difficult economic environment that is still marked by doubts and moderate economic outlook, many usual investment solutions may seem you a bit too risky. With lalux-Safe Invest LA LUXEMBOURGEOISE-VIE offers a savings contract based on a life insurance policy with the following advantages:


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  • Your capital is guaranteed on the due date
  • The same level of security as in a traditional savings account, but with a more attractive return
  • The allocated returns are not taxable in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg (neither source nor income tax)
  • Scored returns are definitively acquired
  • The ability to define in advance the beneficiaries in case of death
  • Now with enhanced flexibility in terms of policy redemption / exit clauses


In 2019 lalux-Safe Invest reached a gross return of 2,00%.
Please note: this is not a guarantee for any future performance.

For a detailed description of our savings and investment solutions contact now one of our qualified consultants (tel .: 4761-6530) or talk to the agent you trust.



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