Self-employed supplementary pension schemes

Are you a freelancer or self-employed? The risks you face on a daily basis are diverse and numerous.

With lalux-Safe Future we offer you a tailor-made insurance solution that secures your future and allows you to benefit from the new tax advantages granted by the extension of the law on supplementary pension schemes to freelancers and self-employed:


Liberal professions:

  • Doctors, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, osteopaths
  • Veterinaries
  • Pharmacists
  • Lawyers, notaries
  • Architects
  • Real estate agents
  • Insurance agents



  • Bakers, butchers
  • Hairdressers


  • Salesmen
  • Grocery stores, restaurants, bars etc…


  • Farmers


You are interested in a supplementary pension scheme and you want to receive more information? With one click you can ask for a personalised consultation. One of our supplementary pension experts will contact you for an assessment of your individual needs.


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infoDid you know that it is perfectly possible to combine several types of pension insurances in order to benefit from additional tax gains ?

Why lalux-Safe Future would be the perfect choice for you?

Every self-employed professional has to face his very own challenges and acts in a very specific context.

lalux-Safe Future offers you a solution that is 100% adapted to your needs and means: you decide freely on the amount of your retirement capital as well as the risk guarantees (death, disability and / or accident) and the options you want to add.

Plan ahead and protect your loved ones from life’s hazards!
Our risk hedges “death”, “disability”, and/or “accident” are smart supplements for any professional pension scheme.

In case of death:

  • Payment of the accumulated savings
  • Payment of additional capital to designated beneficiaries

In case of disability:

  • Payment of a disability pension

In case of an accident:

  • Payment of increased capital in case of accidental death

Premium exemption:

  • Guarantee of payment of the retirement premium by LALUX-VIE throughout the duration of your disability

As nobody is safe from the blows of fate, we understand that maximum flexibility is crucial for you!

That’s why lalux-Safe Future allows you to:

  • Freely choose your investment structure (investment funds, guaranteed return or mixed), year after year
  • Adapt the amount of your premium,  year after year without penalty
  • Opt for one or more additional guarantees (death, disability or accident), also for a limited time only.

In order to illustrate the new tax advantages par l'extension accorded thanks to the extension of the pension law, there is nothing better than a concrete example:

  • Carlos, a self-employed translator invests 10 000 € of his annual income in lalux-Safe Future, he benefits from 2 083 € of tax gains

tax advantages lalux-Safe Future

Advantages for freelancers

  • Extra income for your retirement
  • Customised formulas (retirement, risks and options)
  • 100% digital subscription: fast & simple
  • Premium paid directly by the independent
  • Tax-deductible retirement premium
  • Net benefit in Luxembourg
  • Free choice of contributions
  • Free choice of investment structure