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easyLIFE Invest

Because it’s important not to put all your eggs in one basket, easyLIFE Invest offers an attractive alternative that ensures your interests come first, no matter what.
You are investing in a product for which the performance is linked to investment funds without taking the risk to decrease  your capital!


Guaranteed minimum capital and unconditional interest earned

Whatever happens, the interest earned at the beginning of the year is definitively yours. You run no risk : your savings capital is safe from the turbulence of the financial markets.

Beneficiaries you freely designate

Your contract allows you to designate beneficiaries in the event of death. You are therefore free to plan your estate and ensure your loved ones have immediate access to the capital you have saved.

Investment flexibility that adapts to your situation

You opt for the payment of one or more single premiums at any time, which can be supplemented by monthly premiums. If necessary, you also have the option of withdrawing all or a part of your capital, subject to certain minimum amounts.

Selected funds for enhanced performance, with security

The investment of your savings is managed by Spuerkeess Asset Management, an investment advisory company set up by Spuerkeess and LALUX. The carefully selected assets are made up of high-quality bonds and equities for a share limited to 30% in order to guarantee you an appreciable return without neglecting security.