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Married / civil partnership
min: € 300 /year /person, max: € 3.200 /year /person
Number of children : 0/10

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What is easyLIFE Pension ?

easyLIFE Pension is a pension insurance policy (old-age foresight) that allows you to obtain a complementary income at retirement while benefiting from considerable tax reductions each year (L.I.R. 111bis). 

Treat yourself with tax savings: a trip? a day of shopping? a good restaurant? Simulate your tax savings and request a quote for an easyLIFE Pension insurance!

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easyLIFE Pension

Pension insurance policy (old-age foresight insurance) allowing you to benefit from tax gains and to build up capital for your pension

Your easyLIFE Pension advantages

Pay less tax

Each year, the premiums reduce your taxable income.
The annual deductible amount is € 3.200 per taxpayer. This gives you an immediate advantage in preparing for your retirement.

Your savings are flexible

In order to always feel free, you save at your own pace and according to your financial capacities:
 - you can open a contract from EUR 25 per month,
 - you adjust the premium amounts whenever you wish

An investment that suits you

Depending on your investor profile, you can choose between the Security or Performance formula from easyLIFE Pension, whichever one suits your security requirements and performance wishes.

Lump sum or annuity – it’s up to you

At maturity, your savings remain flexible and are available in the form of capital or monthly life annuity, or even a mix of capital and life annuity.

Protect your loved ones

In the event of death before the end of the contract, your beneficiaries have access to the fruits of your savings.

Also available for cross-border commuters !

As a cross-border commuter, you can take out pension insurance while reducing your taxes every year. 

Investment formulas

The Security formula for guaranteed savings

Do you value security and want the amount you saved to be guaranteed no matter what?

Opt for the Security formula which offers you a minimum interest rate for your savings set by the insurance supervisory authority, the Commissariat aux Assurances.

From the 3rd year on, an additional Profit Participation rate may be set annually based on the company's results and depending on changes in financial market interest rates.

The Performance formula, for potentially higher returns

Do you prefer a potentially higher return on your savings, while accepting a certain level of risk for yourself?
Then opt for the performance package that allows you to take full advantage of the stock market performance of a selection of investment funds.
Depending on your investor return, you are recommended a combination of up to 4 funds that suit you best.

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