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Tax benefits
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Tax benefits

In Luxembourg, certain insurance premiums are tax deductible and allow you to pay less tax on your income while being as well insured as possible.
Each year, the amounts deductible from your premiums are clearly indicated on the tax certificate that LALUX makes available to you free of charge during the month of January.

The different possibilities

Life, death, disability, sickness, accident, civil liability insurance (Article 111)

An employee can deduct insurance premiums for life, death, disability, sickness, accident and liability insurance contracts.
The maximum deductible ceiling is set at EUR 672 per member of the household.
Thus at LALUX, you can deduct the following premiums:
- easyPROTECT Accident
- easyPROTECT Civil Liability
- easyPROTECT AUTO - Civil Liability
- DKV Luxembourg health insurance
- life, death and disability insurance

Mortgage insurance

A significant tax gain is possible thanks to the single premium that can be fully deductible from the mortgage or outstanding balance due insurance and which covers the loan for the purchase or construction of your principal residence.

If you opt for an annual premium, it is deductible under the Article 111 L.I.R (EUR 672 max per year and per household member).

easyLIFE Pension – Foresight - Age pension (Article 111a)

Prepare your retirement while reducing your taxes – it’s possible with easyLIFE Pension! The maximum deductible amount is EUR 3,200 per year and per person. The only conditions are that the contract must last at least 10 years and its term must run between the insured person’s 60th and 75th birthday.

Complementary pension plan

Some employers set up a complementary pension plan for their employees. In this context, you can supplement the amounts provided by your company by paying personal contributions of up to EUR 1,200 per year. These amounts directly reduce your taxable income. Every month, you therefore benefit from a tax reduction without having to wait for your annual tax return.
Of course, you can also supplement this savings plan with easyLIFE Pension, the premiums of which are deductible separately.


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Tax gains

Take advantage of the many tax deductions offered by our insurance solutions