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What are the different steps of the first connection process?

Watch the video lalux for you that guides you through the approach of the 1st connection.

In order to connect yourself for the first time to your private customer area, you have to click on the specific link "First connection" on

For the identity verification process, you are invited to answer to 3 security questions. You have to specify your date of birth, your ZIP code and your customer number. You find your customer number on your contract under the section 'policy holder'.

Having answered to the 3 questions, you will need to indicate your email address, your mobile phone number and you will have to define a password by yourself. Your password must contain at least 6 characters, among which at least one character from 4 of the following 4 categories: a digit, a non-capital letter, a capital letter, a non-alphabetical character (! $, %).

Next, you will have to read and accept the General Terms of Use of your customer area and then you will be redirected to the standard connection page. Finally, you have to enter your login ID and your password. Immediately after doing so, LALUX Insurances will send an SMS with an One-Time-Password (OTP) to your personal mobile phone number. This safety code allows you to connect easily and safely to your personal customer area.

This process has the advantage that both the login ID and all the data necessary for the creation of the password are not sent on the same document: so any hostile interception of one of your mails does not allow to log in to your personal account.