A sustainable investment with the option of capital protection! easyLIFE Invest for Future
easyLIFE Invest For Future

Do you want to build up your savings while contributing to a more sustainable world?

easyLIFE Invest for Future is a life insurance policy that offers you a responsible investment alternative, in line with your ethical, social and environmental values. Moreover, depending on your choices, easyLIFE Invest for Future allows you to combine capital protection with the performance of investment funds.

easyLIFE Invest for Future

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Discover the advantages of easyLIFE Invest for Future

A flexible product depending on your investor profile

Depending on your investor profile and needs, easyLIFE Invest for Future allows you to divide your savings between capital protected products and investment funds.
You can choose between three options: Safe, Balanced and Dynamic. They correspond to different level of risk and determine the proportion of protected savings and the proportion invested in funds.

Beneficiaries you freely designate

Your contract allows you to designate beneficiaries in the event of death. You are therefore free to plan your estate and ensure your loved ones have immediate access to the capital you have saved.

Investment flexibility that adapts to your situation

You opt for the payment of one or more single premiums at any time, which can be supplemented by monthly premiums. If necessary, you also have the option of withdrawing all or a part of your capital, subject to certain minimum amounts.

A selection of high quality funds

You are free to choose from a wide range of carefully selected funds. Of course, your trusted agent is always available to help you if required.

A responsible investment certified by LuxFLAG

All of your savings, both the capital protected portion and the fund portion, are invested in a responsible manner according to the ESG classification (Environment, Social and Governance).  With the LuxFLAG Sustainable Insurance label, you are assured that the ESG qualities of the selected investments have been verified by an independent institute.

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easyLIFE Invest for Future

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