Strategy, partnerships and practical action Corporate Social Responsibility at LALUX

CSR refers to the way in which companies manage their social, environmental and economic impacts as part of the development of their activities. 

It is a global and interconnected approach that encourages companies to act ethically, sustainably and responsibly, while taking into account the interests of their stakeholders, including the planet. It aims to create long-term value for the company and society as a whole.

A truly sustainable approach requires an individualised and coherent strategy, dedicated people and employees who want to contribute to progress in order to bring about real, honest and lasting change.

LALUX Group's CSR strategy

LALUX has defined its CSR strategy around 5 major themes. All of the LALUX Group's future actions will be based on these pillars.

(1) Financial stability and sustainable economic growth

The first is to maintain and secure financial stability and sustainable economic growth.
This is essential in order to fulfil our primary mission of insuring our customers against the risks for which they have taken out insurance with us.

(2) Social commitment and our territorial roots

The second is our social commitment and our local roots. As an integral part of our DNA for several decades, we support numerous charities and local sports associations. See some of our major sponsorships as examples.

(3) Reducing our environmental footprint

The third theme is minimising our environmental footprint. Measuring and reducing our carbon emissions, offsetting our negative impacts, ensuring responsible management and reduction of waste and digitising certain procedures and processes are the four main areas of focus.

(4) Fighting against discrimination

The fourth aims to fight discrimination and protect vulnerable groups. Both internally and externally, the key words are diversity, inclusiveness, protection and caring.

(5) Promoting well-being at work

The last theme is aimed exclusively at our employees and concerns the promotion of well-being at work. As the quality of our services depends to a large extent on the productivity of our employees, it is important for us to create and maintain a pleasant and healthy working environment that monitors and preserves their physical and mental health.

Our CSR strategy

LALUX has defined its CSR strategy in5 major subject pillars. All future actions of the LALUX Group will fit into this context.

LALUX's Corporate Social Responsibility

Noelle Gerin, Head of the Sustainable Development Department, presents the LALUX Group's CSR strategy and the concrete measures taken within this context.

Minimizing our ecological footprint

To contribute to sustainable development and environmental protection, LALUX has made significant changes within its headquarter. Further concrete measures will also be implemented in the future.

Well-being at work

Convinced that achieving this excellence means above all taking care of its employees, LALUX strives to develop a pleasant and healthy working environment that respects the "work-life balance".

The CSR approach on insurance products

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