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  • The CSR-strategy of LALUX


    LALUX partner of natur&ëmwelt a.s.b.l.

    As part of its CSR strategy, LALUX wishes to support its social commitment and its local roots by signing a partnership with natur&ëmwelt a.s.b.l. in order to support them in their missions.

    These missions involve teaching children and teenagers during the holidays or during school activities, as well as training teachers and educators. By informing and awakening the citizens of today and tomorrow, natur&ëmwelt a.s.b.l. works to strengthen the relationship they have with nature, and thus to encourage them to fight for its protection.

    About natur&ëmwelt a.s.b.l.: For more than 100 years, natur&ëmwelt a.s.b.l has been taking action to preserve biodiversity, and its strength comes from its 10,000 members and 40 partner associations. Throughout the year, they work in Luxembourg and abroad to raise awareness among young and old alike of the need to respect and preserve our environment.