Our insurance solutions for expats and new-comers

Welcome to Luxembourg !

Whether you’re planning to stay for good or just for a few months, you will require an insurance policy to make your stay hassle-free. You will find on this page an overview of indispensable and useful insurance solutions and services that the LALUX group can offer you.


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DKV Visit

Whether going on holiday or for just a temporary residency, the risk of illness or accident goes with you. Good if you can rely on your international travel insurance!
Simply take out "Visit" online!



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Car insurance

In Luxembourg, all automotive vehicles must be insured for civil liability covering bodily harm and material damage caused to third parties. Fully-comprehensive car insurances also include legal protection coverage, fire, theft, glass breakage and material damage as well as driver coverage.
Discover our car insurance policy without any excess clause. Benefit from interesting discounts when gathering several risks into one easyPROTECT policy.

Home insurance
(tenant risks)

Often required by local real estate propriety owners, our home insurance covers not only the house, apartment and annexes, but also the furniture and your personal belongings against fire risk, water damage, theft, glass breakage and storms. Choose the formula that fits your personal needs.
Opt for a home insurance policy that fits to your personal situation and needs !

Third-party liability

Civil liability insurance covers the insured person, his / her spouse and children living with them for damage caused to any third parties. Also available: specific options for hunting enthousiasts and dog owners.
Add your civil liability guarantee now into your easyPROTECT home insurance policy ! 





Car insurance (CASCO)

A CASCO car insurance policy will cover the damage to your own car in case you are responsible for an accident. In the event of an accident abroad, it will allow swift compensation and quick claim handling.
LALUX offers an exclusive omnium car cover that never affects your Bonus-Malus degree in case of a self-imposed material damage on your car.


Accident insurance

Accidents happen and financial consequences can have a serious impact on your life. With an accident insurance you can protect yourself around the clock against the vagaries of life.
Discover our comprehensive accident insurance policies and choose among several formulae: lump-sum and/or compensatory options are available!


Home Assistance

Your boiler is playing up, your washing machine is about to flood the laundry... a phone call is enough to obtain qualified assistance from renowned tradesmen in Luxembourg.
Make your life easier and opt for the extremely convenient 'Home insurance' guarantee.





DKV complementary health covers

There are often medical costs that are not or only partly covered by your statutory health insurance. DKV offers a large variety of complementary health solutions adapted to your personal needs.
Discover the most complete private health insurance solutions in Luxembourg!


DKV Travel

Whether on vacation or for a short business trip abroad, opt for our worldwide carefree travel solution for only 0,75 € per person per day.
Simply take out 'Travel' online!



Annual assistance

Are you a globetrotter or moving abroad on a regular basis? Opt for a comprehensive annual cover (repatriation, reimbursement of medical expenses, urgent return, etc.)
Opt for a yearly travel assistance insurance and plan your trips when you want to where you want, worry-free.


lalux-Golden Rent & lalux-Pension

Boost your pension and benefit from considerable tax allowances. lalux-Golden Rent is a traditional old-age insurance policy with a guaranteed capital sum. lalux-Pension is a unit-linked pension insurance.
Opt for an old-age and pension insurance offering substantial tax benefits