The complete insurance cover for your accomodation easyPROTECT Home
easyPROTECT Home

easyPROTECT Home

Apartments or houses, for owners or tenants

easyPROTECT Home is the multiple-risk home insurance that adapts to your needs and requirements, while simplifying your life.

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, which you own or rent, easyPROTECT Home offers you comprehensive coverage that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

Personalise your insurance contract and protect your home and its outbuildings against any type of damage, without any unexpected costs.



Complete protection against tempests

The climate risk insurance covers all damage caused by storm, hail, snow, ice or even earthquakes. 

The optional flood coverage provides you with optimal coverage against natural disasters such as flooding, sewer back-up or overflow, run-off or accumulation of rainwater.

Your furniture is well protected, both inside and outside

Your furniture is compensated up to its purchase price for 10 years in the Performance package. No obsolescence is therefore deducted in the event of a covered claim.
Your garden furniture, barbecue and plants are covered in case of theft, as well as in the event of a storm, in the Comfort and Performance formulas.

Coverage of solar panels

The glass breakage guarantee not only covers the breakage of glass, doors and windows, the ceramic hob and glass parts of your furniture, sanitary appliances and fireplace, but also provides coverage in the event of glass breakage of your solar panels.

Optimal coverage of computer, audiovisual and household equipment

With the Performance package, you benefit from compensation for the replacement value of your portable and non-portable computer equipment, household appliances and non-portable audiovisual equipment for up to five years.

Your online purchases in complete security

The optional Internet protection guarantee of the Performance package protects you against non-compliance and defects in your online purchases. In addition, this coverage offers you restoring of your important digital data following a covered loss.

Avoiding under-insurance in real estate!

Let your trusted agent assess the value of your property.

The insured amounts will thus be fixed on the basis of a well-founded estimate and you will avoid any risk of under-insurance in the event of a real estate claim.

Your personal belongings covered worldwide

With the Performance formula, your personal belongings and luggage are covered worldwide. During your travels, your belongings are insured against accidental material damage, theft, fire or water damage.

No increase in premium in case of a covered claim

Your annual premium is not affected by a claim.
In addition, your claims are indemnified with no deductibles.


What coverage best suits your needs?

In order to provide you maximum flexibility, LALUX offers 3 different cover formulas: Security, Comfort and Performance.
Customize your insurance contract by adding optional guarantees.


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Family third-party liability

An essential guarantee

Although Family third-party liability coverage is optional, it is highly recommended.
Civil liability compensates you for damages you may cause to third parties. It covers your entire household: yourself, your spouse and children living in community with you, as well as your pets. 

Home Assistance

Rapid assistance in the event of damage or breakdown at home

Let yourself be taken care of by professionals in the event of an emergency.
Thanks to the 24/7 assistance service, you benefit from the rapid intervention of a specialised trade: locksmith, sanitary installer, plumber, heating engineer or electrician. 
Home assistance also intervenes after a guaranteed claim for the care of your children or the guarding of your home.

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