A single contract for your main insurances easyPROTECT


By grouping your main insurances (vehicle, home, civil liability, legal protection, accidents, and travel) into a single easyPROTECT contract, you and your family benefit from optimal coverage against all everyday risks.


Discount on your premium

With easyPROTECT you benefit from a discount of EUR 50  per house and a discount of up to EUR 100 per car insured with comprehensive insurance cover (CASCO).

Monthly payment option available

With a direct debit, you can opt for monthly payment of your easyPROTECT premium at no extra charge.

easyPROTECT means: one contract, one premium, one due date for all your day-to-day insurances.

A flexible contract

easyPROTECT is a flexible contract that can easily be adapted to your changing needs: adding a second home, a child’s car, covering student housing, etc.

Customised additional services

You are free to choose additional services such as Home Assistance, a 24/7 breakdown service, Annual Assistance in the event of accident or illness while travelling, or Integral Legal Protection, which helps you defend your interests.


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Consolidate your main insurances with easyPROTECT, a unique concept that gives you a clear and precise overview of all your family’s coverage (Auto,…

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