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Take advantage from theexpertise of LALUX Group's agents and employees: in this new video series, specialists share tips, advice and practical explanations with you. 

The aim of this project is to showcase the expertise of LALUX in an authentic way. The videos deal with various topics related to insurance in general, LALUX & DLV products and give practical and useful tips. These videos will also be broadcasted on the different social networks (Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn).


The essentials in a few seconds


Julien Thomas, LALUX and DKV Luxembourg agent, presents the advantages of the EASY HEALTH complementary health insurance.

easyAPP & easyAPP Home

Ralph Zeimet, Head of Digital Marketing at the LALUX Group, presents the advantages of the easyAPP mobile application and the new easyAPP Home customer area.

Travel insurances

Markus Mertens, LALUX and DKV Luxembourg insurance agent, explains the importance of good travel insurance cover.

easyPROTECT Discover

Yves Braconnier, LALUX and DKV Luxembourg agent clarifies why easyPROTECT Discover is the ideal insurance solution for students.


DKV refunds on easyAPP

Meris Ramdedovic, LALUX and DKV Luxembourg agent, explains explains how you can make your refund requests directly in the easyAPP if you have health insurance from DKV and what other digital services you can benefit from as a LALUX Group customer.

The agent's role

Germain Delagardelle, LALUX and DKV Luxembourg agent, presents the important role of LALUX agents. They are at your disposal to help and guide you in all your questions relating to insurance. Find your trusted agent near you.

The breakdown service

Michèle Mossong, Conseiller Corporate at the LALUX Group, presents the advantages of the new breakdown guarantee wich is now included in your easyPROTECT Auto contract. LALUX does everything to keep you mobile!

How to log in to easyAPP

Jonathan Pflumio from the IT department, guides you through the process of registering in easyAPP, the LALUX Group's new mobile application, and easyAPP Home, the customer area on desktop and tablet. now in 5 languages

Alice Machado from the Sales department, announces that is the first insurance company who's website is now available in the 5 most spoken languages in Luxembourg: French, German, English and now even in Luxembourgish an Portuguese! 

Horse Insurance

Barbara Tunkl from Etudes et Support Commercial Department, gives an overview of useful insurance to best protect your horse. Unique in Luxembourg, discover the horse insurances in collaboration with R+V, Vereinigte Tierversicherungen.

Tax certificate on easyAPP

Gérald Randrianarison from the IT Department guides you through the steps to download your LALUX and DKV insurance tax certificate in the easyAPP.

easyLIFE Invest for Future

Laurent Terrens, LALUX and DKV agent, explains how you can realise your dreams while contributing to create a better future! easyLIFE Invest for Future is an investment product where your savings are invested responsibly, thanks to the ESG-Insurance Product label by LuxFLAG.  

Mortgage insurance

Anahita Samieyan and Luca Agosta, actuaries at LALUX-VIE, explain to you the necessity and functioning of a Mortgage insurance.

Construction insurances

Félix Schmit, a member of the General Management Department, explains the essentials of APROBAT's All Risks Construction insurance, so that you are optimally protected before embarking on a construction or renovation project.


Joé Schmit, LALUX agent, introduces you to the new leasing solutions offered by LALUX agents in collaboration with their partners.

easyPROTECT Home

Dominique De Sousa, LALUX Agent, presents to you the advantages of a home insurance that perfectly adapts to you, your needs, and your lifestyle.

Green energy appliances

Sylvain Grégorius from the Sales Department explains how you can protect your green energy appliances to ensure you are best reimbursed in case of damage.

Multimedia Pack

Patrick Wampach, LALUX and DKV Luxembourg agent, explains how easyPROTECT Home can best protect your multimedia devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.) and your musical instruments! 

Travel Pack

Alan Meneses, LALUX agent, explains why travel insurance is so important and how it covers you in the event of cancellation, illness or lost luggage. Don't take any risk and enjoy your holidays with peace of mind! 

LALUX's Corporate Social Responsibility

Noelle Gerin, Head of the Sustainable Development Department, presents the LALUX Group's CSR strategy and the concrete measures taken within this context.

Our CSR strategy

LALUX has defined its CSR strategy in5 major subject pillars. All future actions of the LALUX Group will fit into this context.

Minimizing our ecological footprint

To contribute to sustainable development and environmental protection, LALUX has made significant changes within its headquarter. Further concrete measures will also be implemented in the future.

Well-being at work

Convinced that achieving excellence requires, first and foremost, taking care of its employees, LALUX ensures the development of a pleasant and healthy work environment that respects the work-life balance.


Full information in one video

Insurances for Expats

Noémie Comelli from the Communication and Marketing Department of the LALUX Group presents the essential insurances you need when you move to Luxembourg.

easyPROTECT Auto

Ronny Schmit of LALUX Group's sales department presents the different insurance solutions for cars and their drivers.

easyLIFE Pension

Jérôme Wiwinius, Responsable Corporate of the Sales Department, présents the pension insurance solutions offered by LALUX.

lalux-Safe Future

Charel Gaul, LALUX and DKV Luxembourg agent, explains the pension solutions by LALUX Group for the self-employed and freelancers.

Insurances for children

Susana Soares, LALUX and DKV agent, goes around the most essential insurances to best protect your children. 

Tax deductible insurances

Steve Vanacker, Agent Network Manager, walks you through all the tax-deductible insurances that you can list on your tax return.

Insurances for Professionals

Alain Biren, LALUX and DKV agent, guides you through the most important insurances for your professional activity. Don't leave protecting your business to chance.

lalux-Staff Protect : supplementary pension scheme

Marc Klein, Head of Corporate Agent/Group in the Commercial Department, highlights the advantages of company pension schemes for both employers and employees.

Corporate Health Insurance

Stephan Breidbach, Deputy Corporate Manager of the Sales Department, explains how to position a company as an attractive employer by opting for the corporate health insurance COMPANY in order to build long-term loyalty among staff.

Completing an accident report

Marc Sprenger, inspector at the Compensation Department, explains the importance of being familiar with the accident report beforehand since emotions can get the better of you when being involved in a car accident.

easyLIFE Foresight

The beneficiaries in Life Insurance

The choice of beneficiaries in life insurance is often a highly emotional one. Find out from Yoan Thiry, ULK Group Life Manager at LALUX-VIE, how to choose the right beneficiaries to avoid putting your loved ones in an uncomfortable situation. 

Evaluation of your furniture

Fatima Nuno-Pagaimo, LALUX and DKV agent, explains the importance of regularly assessing your furniture and how to do it best to avoid underinsurance.

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