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lalux-Staff Protect - companies

lalux-Staff Protect is a supplementary pension scheme financed by you to provide additional security for your employees in case of retirement, death or invalidity. 

This flexible and fiscally attractive product is an important part of the modern salary package. In order to satisfy your requirements, lalux-Staff Protect has been developed to offer you various ranges of comprehensive and financially attractive insurance cover.


An attractive fiscal framework

The premium for your lalux-Staff Protect is considered an operating expense and is therefore tax-deductible (maximum 20% of the annual pensionable income). For your employees, the premium is exempt from social security contributions.  You can complete your salary package with a more advantageous alternative to a pay rise.

Free choice of investment for your employees

Depending on your business plan, your employees themselves determine the proportion they wish to devote to the types of investments offered: guaranteed return solutions (no risk of loss for the employee) or unit-linked products (linked to investment funds). Each year, you allow your employees to redefine their level of investment in relation to their personal situation.

For all or part of your staff

Flexible, lalux Staff-Protect allows you to limit the supplementary pension scheme to certain categories of your staff and to adapt it differently among these same categories.

A package in line with your needs

Coverages corresponding to your situation are selected in line with your budget, the practices and customs of companies in the same sector and the legal benefits.

Several types of cover to choose from

Several configurations are possible: lump sum or pension in case of retirement, lump sum or pension (spouse or orphan) in case of premature death, pension in case of invalidity or lump sum death/additional invalidity in case of accident.

A performing digital management tool

Take advantage of a performing tool that allows you to consult the status of your current savings, download tax certificates and manage your investment support, all with a revised interface and an optimized user experience.


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lalux-Staff Protect

Pension schemes for companies: a lever for loyalty and motivation

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