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Family Civil Liability

Family Civil Liability covers any damage that you, a member of your family or your pets may cause to other people and their property in your private life. It covers both personal injury and damage to property. This insurance is therefore highly recommended!


Family Civil Liability also covers your home

Damage caused to others by your building is covered if you are liable. For example, if a tree in your garden falls onto your neighbour’s property and destroys their wall and plants, your Family Civil Liability covers the damage.

Your pets are covered by your Family Civil Liability

Your pets are also covered by your Family Civil Liability. If your dog bites another dog during a walk, your Family Civil Liability covers the veterinary costs.


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Civil Liability Auto insurance

As an owner of a car owner, it is compulsory to take out Civil Liability Auto insurance. It covers you if you cause an accident and compensates the people who are involved.

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Hunting Civil Liability insurance

Hunting Civil Liability insurance is compulsory for hunters in Luxembourg and covers you in the event of a hunting accident.

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