There is a solution for every objective Life insurance solutions from LALUX
Life insurances

Life insurances

Life insurance policies offer ideal protection against the uncertainties of life. They can offer appropriate solutions to protect your family, make your capital grow, plan your retirement or insure your mortgage.

LALUX provide a wide range of products adapted to your needs, your financial condition and your family situation.

Why choose a life insurance by LALUX?

An expert Group with a strong shareholder base

The LALUX Group has long-standing expertise in life insurance solutions. Its solid shareholder base, consisting of Compagnie Financière LA LUXEMBOURGEOISE and Spuerkeess, offers you maximum security.

Benefit from tax advantages

Depending on the products chosen, Luxembourg’s tax framework offers attractive tax benefits. This can even be as much as 45% of the premium invested, depending on your income.

Guarantees specific to the insurance sector

Investors in life insurance products are particularly well protected by Luxembourg law.
The assets linked to your contracts are deposited with a custodian bank selected by the supervisory authority for the sector, the Commissariat aux Assurances, and are distinguishable from the company’s own assets. Thus, in the event of a problem, you have – collectively with the other investors –  priority to recover your assets.

LALUX - a service of excellence

The LALUX team is multilingual (English, French, German, Luxembourgish), highly qualified and with proven expertise in the field of life insurance.
LALUX is the leading life insurer in Luxembourg and the leader in complementary pension plans for companies. More than 35,000 employees of some 2,000 corporate clients benefit from the comprehensive coverage provided bylalux-Staff Protect.