lalux-Golden Rent and lalux-Pension: get yourself an appropriate pension!

One more reason to opt right now for a pension insurance

Why should you plan your retirement today?

  • Most likely the amount of your legal pension will be much lower than your last salary!
  • Doubts about economic growth and demographic evolution have a direct impact on the stability of pension schemes.
  • With the tax reform 2017, private customers can benefit from additional tax gains when opting for an old-age insurance solution (L.I.R.111bis): identical tax allowances for all age categories.

Even more flexibility

LALUX Assurances-Vie offers LALUX-Pension and LALUX-Golden Rent, two old-age insurance alternatives offering a good income supplement after your active life. 

  • Freedom of choice at the due date: you may choose a monthly life annuity or capital and monthly life annuity or, thanks in accordance with the tax reform 2017, opt for the payment of the entierety of the accumulated capital.
  • Pay fewer taxes in any case: paid premiums of both products are fiscally deductible (article L.I.R. 111bis.) : in accordance with the tax reform 2017, unique annual tax allowance of 3 200 € for all age categories.
  • Benefit individually: collectively taxable spouses may both opt for a LALUX-Pension or a LALUX-Golden Rent contract.
  • Looking for higher returns?
    Discover now lalux-Pension, our unit-linked pension insurance contract that issued by our partner BCEE (Spuerkeess).  

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Customers having already subscribed
a pension insurance

can adapt their premium here.

Benefits from enhanced legal conditions

You wish to benefit from tax advantages for this year (current tax allowance conditions)? So do not delay and ask immediately advice from one of the LALUX agents or contact our customer service by phone: 4761-6530.

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