lalux-Golden Rent and lalux-Pension: get yourself an appropriate pension!

Why should you plan your retirement toay?

  • The amounts you save are tax deductible up to 3,200 € annually regardless of your age
  • The amount of your legal pension will be much lower than your last salary. That's a fact! So anticipate and save up as soon as possible.
  • The balance of pension plans is regularly questioned given the uncertainties of economic growth and the increase in life expectancy


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LALUX advantages

  • Free choixe of investment type: lalux-Pension et lalux-Golden Rent, two old-age insurance alternatives offering a good income supplement after your active life.
    • Higher return: With lalux-Pension, your pension capital evolves with the performance of LUX-Pension investment funds issued by our partner the Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat, Luxembourg (Spuerkess). The part of your savings invested in shares decreases according to your age, thus securing your capital at the end of the contract.
    • Guaranteed savings: With lalux-Golden Rent, you opt for a traditional, capital-guaranteed investment with generally lower returns.
  • Freedom of choice at the due date: payment of the entirety of the accumulated capital (taxed at half of the average tax-rate), monthly life annuity (50% of which is tax-exempt) or a mix of capital and monthly life annuity.
  • Define your saving amount according to your budget: depending on your income and your priorities, this amount can vary throughout the contract
  • Pay fewer taxes in any casepaid premiums are fiscally deductible in accordance with article L.I.R. 111bis.: one unique annual tax allowance of 3 200 € for all age categories.
  • Benefit individually: collectively taxable spouses may both opt for a lalux-Pension or a lalux-Golden Rent contract.

Your agent will assess your situation for free and update your saving opportunities, possible tax deductions and the many benefits of LALUX products.


Pay fewer taxes

The amount of the premium invested in your pension scheme is tax deducible up to 3,200€ annually and allows, according to your taxation, a tax reduction of up to 45% of your annual premium.



Tax gain based on taxable income and tax class and pension insurance

with savings of 3,200€ per year and per person


your a single with a taxable income of 50,000€. By saving 3,200€ per year for your pension scheme, you will gain 1,334€ in taxes, or 41,69% of your premium.


You are married with a combined taxable income of 100,000€. By saving each 3,200€ per year, thus 6,400€ in total, you will save 2,671€ in taxes, or 41,73% of your premium.


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Are you self-employed or exert a liberal profession?info

Discover the advantages of lalux-Safe Future, the supplementary pension scheme for self.employed.