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Comprehensive Family Legal Protection
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Comprehensive Family Legal Protection

A dispute with your neighbour? A dispute with your employer? Are you a victim of identity theft or medical error?

The Comprehensive Family Legal Protection covers you in any of these conflicts you may face. LALUX’s lawyers will accompany you throughout the case by offering you concrete solutions and working with you to plan the follow-up to your dispute.


Qualified lawyers at your service

The management of your case is personalised and entrusted to lawyers specialised in legal protection: listening, answering your questions, analysing the case, drafting letters, and managing disputes amicably.

Amicable settlement

In the event of conflict, recourse to a court case is often long and arduous. Thanks to an amicable settlement, you can avoid going to court and find a lasting and satisfactory agreement more quickly. Our lawyers help you to implement the best resolution strategy.

Free choice of your lawyer

If all attempts at amicable resolution have failed, legal proceedings may be necessary. You can freely and independently choose the lawyer to defend your interests.

No advance payment of costs

The Legal Protection insurance covers the costs and legal fees – you don’t even need to pay any costs in advance.


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easyPROTECT Legal Protection

easyPROTECT Legal Protection

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Get insured before it’s too late


Keep in mind that the Comprehensive Family Legal Protection insurance must always be taken out before any dispute arises.  In fact, a waiting period applies from the time of taking out the insurance to the cover taking effect, depending on the type of the dispute.

- Generally: three months
- Health guarantee: no delay
- Work guarantee: six months