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Whatever your sector of activity, whether you are an entrepreneur, craftsman, tradesman, retailer, automotive professional, hospitality sector, medical profession or freelance, LALUX will accompany you throughout your professional career. Thanks to a complete range of insurance policies that can be customised to suit your needs and profession, your protection is optimally guaranteed for your properties, your business, your staff and yourself.


Grouping together of the majority of your contracts

Benefit from simplified management of your insurances with a single contract, a single intermediary, a single premium and a single maturity date.

Guarantees specific to each business line

The all-in-one contract takes into account the risks of each profession, and offers you tailor-made cover in accordance with your needs.

Defending your professional interests

Benefit from individual advice for all your insurance and pension-related matters.

Free monthly payment

You have the choice of opting for a monthly payment of your insurance premiums at no extra charge.

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Accident insurance


The Company accident insurance is a complement to the statutory work accident insurance. As an employer, you can subscribe to it for the benefit of all your employees or only for the benefit of a group of employees of your choice.

Employees benefit from optimised coverage in the event of disability, death or reimbursement of medical expenses following an accident during professional or private activity.


Civil liability insurance for Business Executives


Protect your company and your assets against the consequences of civil liability that you may incur towards third parties in the exercise of your function as a manager. This may be due to a fault in business relations, withholding of information, unfair competition or a fault in the company’s working conditions.

The Civil Liability Company Manager covers your civil and criminal defense.


Civil liability and legal protection insurance


With easyPROTECT PRO you benefit from an individual solution that perfectly covers your liability risks, allowing you to concentrate fully on your business. 


Insurance of property


Each company has premises, facilities and equipment it uses to carry out its activity. Often, these assets are the property of the company and constitute a very important part of its assets. LALUX insures these assets, even if they are rented or leased.


Fleet and commercial vehicle insurance


You don’t need an expensive insurance plan to get the best possible coverage for your fleet. Whether your company owns one or ten vehicles, whether cars, vans or any other motor vehicle used to run your business, with easyPROTECT PRO you get comprehensive coverage tailored to your business, your needs and your budget.