Health & Recreation Insurance

Financially protect your household and your family in the event of a loss or claim, an accident, illness or death.

We offer you a whole range of insurance products that accompany you through the activities in your private and professional life and during your travels.

An accident can soon happen and the physical and financial consequences can sometimes have a serious impact on your private and professional life, such as loss of income following a temporary inability to work or permanent disability.

With Accident Insurance you can protect yourself around the clock against the vagaries of life, both private and professional.

Thanks to the easyPROTECT-Accident insurance, you can protect yourself and your household 24 hours a day against the financial consequences of an accident in your private or professional life. Discover our new accident insurance policy, available now with 2 different flexible and comprehensive formulae: 'Comfort' et 'Performance'.

Holidays are the best time of the year. Unexpected incidents can have negative consequences for you, those around you and your financial situation.

We offer you a policy with guarantees that allow you to set off without a care in the world. Here is an outline of the main aspects:

  • Assistance to the Insured: repatriation in the event of illness, death, injuries or car theft abroad…
  • Luggage: loss, theft, destruction, damage or non-delivery at the destination…
  • Travel Accidents de Voyage: death and permanent disability
  • Travel Illness: cover for medical costs, hospitalisation, prostheses, transport and extended stay required by medical prescription…
  • Cancellation Costs: illness, accident, death…

Warning: the subscription to this insurance is subject to conditions. Please contact our Sales Departement.

Do you often travel for professional or personal reasons? During your travels you will be carrying many personal effects in your bags and suitcases.

Wherever you are in the world you can insure them against:

  • loss
  • theft
  • destruction
  • damage due to robbery/mugging, fire and explosions

In addition, luggage consigned to a transport company is also insured against the risk of non-delivery.

The cover also extends to electrical devices, pushchairs, luggage racks for cars, bicycles, skis and camping equipment.

The Caisse Nationale de Santé (CNS – National Health Fund) does not cover all of your costs in the event of sickness, hospitalisation or accident.

In addition, consultations with a specialist, dental prostheses or even rehabilitation treatment following a loss or claim can also have serious financial consequences.

We offer you the services of a reliable partner who is the leading sickness insurer in Luxembourg. We invite you to consult the DKV Luxembourg website directly:

As with any natural or legal person, societies are obliged to compensate for damages to third parties during the organisation of their regular activities.

The civil liability of the policyholder and committee members is covered during regular activities. Cover also extends to the buildings or premises provided they are used by the society.

The guarantee can be extended to events outside the framework of statutory activities, such as garden parties, fetes or country fairs, dances, theatrical productions, charity matinees, shows or exhibitions, ...

We offer you, exclusively on the Luxembourg market, highly competitive horse insurance cover. The loss resulting from the death of your horse due to illness, an accident or humanitarian slaughter is covered up to the limit of the agreed sum.

Risks related to theft or fire are also covered. In addition, the inability to ride, harness and breed your horse as a result of an illness or an accident can also be insured.

If at any time during the validity of the policy the health of your horse deteriorates to the point where surgery under general anaesthetic becomes necessary (an operation), the operating expense insurance covers a large proportion of the clinic and veterinary services, medications and in-clinic medical follow-up, independently from veterinary fees and up to the limit of compensation payable under the terms of the policy.

Taking out a Civil Liability insurance policy related to hunting is compulsory in Luxembourg.

It covers your civil liability for personal accidents and injuries to anyone caused by your fault, lack of care, negligence or by your hunting dogs.