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    Time2Lease – new advantageous leasing offers

    Take advantage of the 8 000 € ecobonus until 30th of June!

    Thinking about changing your vehicle? Would you like to go electric? Not sure about how to finance it? Choose leasing a private car!

    Opt to lease a new vehicle thanks to the Time2Lease offers proposed by your LALUX agent in partnership with Ayvens Luxembourg (formerly ALD).

    The Time2Lease solution has many advantages: take advantage of your relation of trust with your LALUX agent, benefit from advantageous leasing offers and enjoy high-performance insurance cover thanks to easyPROTECT Auto. On top of that, you keep your personal bonus-malus.

    The Luxembourg government recently approved the extension of the "Klimabonus Mobilitéit" until the end of June 2024. So, now's the perfect time!