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    easyPROTECT Discover - the ideal protection for students

    Enjoy your studies with a clear conscience!

    Future student? Leaving home to study abroad is a challenge. It often requires careful planning: choosing a university, finding the right accommodation, managing daily life,...

    To avoid unpleasant surprises, LALUX has developed a flexible insurance solution that offers students and their parents peace of mind. The LALUX easyPROTECT Discover insurance is specially designed for students and apprentices under the age of 27 years who study anywhere in Europe.

    Comprehensive international coverage

    Optional cover can be added to this basic cover. These include

    • Worldwide protection for IT equipment against breakage and theft.
    • Additional medical cover 
    • Reimbursement of tuition fees in the event of interruption of studies due to illness, accident or death
    • Reimbursement of return travel costs in case of emergency (illness, accident, death of a parent)

    Basic guarantee

    The basic cover provides you with guarantees against the most common risks:

    • Private liability insurance
    • Protection of your home against water and fire damage, glass breakage and damage to furniture. In some countries such cover is compulsory.

    Garanties optionnelles

    Des protections optionnelles peuvent être ajoutées à cette garantie de base:

    • Protection du matériel informatique contre le bris et le vol
    • Couverture médicale supplémentaire 
    • Remboursement des frais de scolarité en cas d’arrêt des études (maladie, accident ou décès)
    • Remboursement des frais de retour en cas d’urgence (maladie, accident, décès d’un des parents)

    If the student spend a semester of its studies on another continent, IT and medical cover can be extended outside Europe for a limited period.


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    easyPROTECT Discover

    The first insurance package for students