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    Time2Lease – leasing offer

    If you are considering changing your car but are not sure how to finance it, you are at the right place. Time2Lease is a new service offered by LALUX agents in collaboration with their leasing partners, for private customers who want to switch to car leasing.

    Over the past few years, leasing has been growing steadily within the Luxembourg car market. Today, more than 700 LALUX agents throughout Luxembourg can offer their customers or prospects privileged leasing partner offers.

    Time2Lease offers many advantages, such as the possibility of maintaining the trusting relationship with your LALUX agent, benefiting from attractive leasing offers and continuing to enjoy efficient insurance cover thanks to easyPROTECT Auto.
    In addition, you also get to maintain your personal bonus, which is generally more favourable.

    The new Time2Lease offer is available for a wide range of brands and vehicles, both thermal and electric.

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