Corporate supplementary pension schemes

Retain and motivate your employees with lalux-Staff Protect

Are you looking for a high-performance supplementary pension scheme (SPS) for your personnel? lalux-Staff Protect is the ideal professional pension plan formula. Our experts in “SPS Insurance” will guide you and propose solutions that are specially adapted to your business.

The benefits for the employee

  • additional protection in the event of death or invalidity
  • a significant supplement on retirement
  • an interesting alternative to a salary increase
  • no national insurance payments on the premiums
  • interesting tax opportunities
  • possibility of tax deductible personal payments


The benefits for the business

  • security for the workforce
  • extra guidance for payments
  • a motivational tool that promotes staff loyalty
  • attractive tax scheme
  • strong argument for recruitment
  • no national insurance payments on the premiums
  • tax deductible