The retirement solution for the self-employed and liberal professions lalux-Safe Future
lalux-Safe Future - self-employed
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lalux-Safe Future - self-employed

Are you self-employed? The risks you face on a daily basis are many and varied.

With lalux-Safe Future, we offer you a tailor-made insurance solution that not only secures your future, but also allows you to benefit from the new tax advantages granted by the extension of the scope of the Supplementary Pension Schemes Act to the liberal professions and the self-employed.


Free choice of pension contributions

In order to allow you maximum flexibility, you can adjust your pension contributions each year, without penalty, according to your situation and means.

Free choice of investment vehicles

Choose the vehicle in which to invest your money, from guaranteed returns to investment funds.

Tailor-made packages

Define the amount of your retirement capital freely and choose the risk guarantees (Death, Disability and/or Accident) as well as the options you wish to add.

Get insured quickly and easily

Fully digital procedure, from the moment you contact us, to the choice of guarantees to the insurance proposal.

Advantageous taxation

Up to 20% of your professional income is deductible: tax of 20.9% on the premium paid. In return, the benefits paid are free of income tax in Luxembourg.

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lalux-Safe Future

The retirement solution for the self-employed and liberal professions

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Who can be insured ?

Everyone who has a paid activity as a self-employed person.

  1. Liberal professions (doctors, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, veterinarians, pharmacists, lawyers, notaries, architects)
  2. Real estate and insurance agents
  3. Trades (bakers, butchers, hairdressers); commercial (retailers, grocers, restaurateurs, coffee shops); farmers, etc.

A person with a dual activity (employee and self-employed) can also be insured.

Tax deductibility of insurance premiums

In order to illustrate the new tax advantages granted by the extension of the Supplementary Pension Schemes Act, nothing better than a simple real-life example:

Carlos, a freelance translator, invests EUR 10 000 of his annual income in lalux-Safe Future and enjoys tax savings of EUR 2 083.

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