Easy management of the supplementary pension scheme for the self-employed easyPENSION PRO, the new secure digital area
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easyPENSION PRO self-employed

The dedicated customer area for supplementary pension schemes for the self-employed

In order to give self-employed clients of a supplementary pension scheme access to more regular tracking of their savings, LALUX has created the online platform easyPENSION PRO.

This new platform is intended for self-employed who have taken out a supplementary pension plan with LALUX, lalux-Safe Future, which allows them to secure their future and benefit from tax advantages.


24-hour availability

easyPENSION PRO is available 24/7 from your home or from anywhere in the world. As a customer, you can monitor your savings whenever and wherever you want.

Simplified management

All 2nd pillar pension products are grouped together in easyPENSION PRO. This gives you an overview of your assets in a pension plan for the self-employed, as well as any savings in a LALUX pension plan that you may have as an employee of a company. This makes it easier to keep track of all your pension savings.

Centralising of all your important documents

Consult your individual certificates directly in your easyPENSION PRO area.

Numerous functions available

View your savings, consult your certificates and check your risk coverage. All these features are now available on easyPENSION PRO.

Who is the easyPENSION PRO customer area for?


The easyPENSION PRO customer area is a practical digital tool for: 

- Members of a company pension scheme, i.e. employees of a company who have subscribed to a company pension plan for their employees 

- HR managers, HR staff and company directors who have subscribed to a company pension plan for their employees, i.e. lalux-Staff Protect

- Self-employed persons and liberal professions who have subscribed to a lalux-Safe Future supplementary pension plan