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Comfort Formula
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Comfort Formula

The Comfort formula of the easyPROTECT Accident insurance adapts to the life of each individual, favouring simple cover that guarantees their security. As the amount insured is defined at the outset, you control the amount of your indemnity. Set your own insured amount or be guided by our agents’ expertise.


In the event of permanent disability

- Compensation based on level of disability
- Insured amount is defined according to your personal choices
- Compensation as of 3% disability

In the event of death

- Financial relief for your loved ones

- Predefined capital according to your personal requirements

- Amount doubled in the event of simultaneous death of the two insured persons in the case of a joint life policy

Reimbursement of medical expenses up to EUR 2,500

- Doctor’s and hospitalisation costs
- Pharmaceutical and paramedical expenses
- Prosthesis fees
- Transport costs from the place of accident to the nearest competent hospital (up to 200 km)

The amount of your indemnity known in advance

Thanks to the lump-sum, you have the option of knowing the amount of your compensation in advance.

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You are free to determine your insured amount

In the Comfort package, you can determine the budget you wish to devote to your own protection and that of your loved ones.
Ideally, we advise you to set the following insured amounts:

- 1 times annual income for death
- 3 times annual income for disability

For any questions, our agents are of course at your disposal.

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Home Care Services

Effective help when needed

Thanks to the optionnal Home Care Services, LALUX provides a wide range of services that can make your life easier after an accident: domestic help, medical care, childcare, pet care, psychological support, remedial education, taxi transport.