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Welcome to LALUX-VIE

Following the agreement signed between Cardif Lux Vie and LALUX-Vie to take over the “Employee Benefits” business, we are pleased to welcome all members of the pension scheme among our clients. 

The agreement was made official on 3 February 2020 by the Commissariat aux Assurances and the legal transfer of the portfolio was done on 10 February 2020 with retroactive effect to 1 January 2020. As an active member, you are naturally guaranteed continuous insurance coverage after the change of insurer (retirement and/or death/disability if applicable). The financing of the possible personal contributions also remains unchanged.

The process of receiving and handling the details of your pension scheme took several months. Today we are glad to announce that the implementation in our system has been done successfully and that we are able to send you the current situation of your assets in your pension scheme (payments 2020 to Lalux-Vie not included, this situation will be sent after the renewal 2020). Via this information page, we also want to provide you with further information about Lalux-Vie and the annual processes.

Who is LALUX-Vie?

LALUX-Vie is the life insurance company of the LALUX Group.

Founded in 1920, our Group also includes a non-life insurance company, LALUX Assurances, as well as DKV Luxembourg, which specialises in health insurance, and Aprobat-LALUX Assurances dedicated to construction insurance. Today, our Group has nearly 500 employees dedicated to serving our customers.

Our shareholders are Compagnie Financière LA LUXEMBOURGEOISE (60%) and Banque et Caisse d'Épargne de l'Etat (40%).

LALUX-Vie has been offering complementary pension schemes for over forty years. The experience we have acquired over the years enables us today to be the leader in group life insurance on the Luxembourg market. We now provide comprehensive coverage to more than 35,000 employees of some 2,000 corporate clients.

How are you informed about the pension plan?

  • You receive now the individual statement with the current situation of your savings for the assets transferred from Cardif Lux Vie to Lalux-Vie. Another statement including the payments 2020 to Lalux-Vie for active members (still in service with the employer) will be sent after investment of your premium 2020 (second half of the year). As of 2021 all Lalux statements will be available online.
  • The online tool e-Club, a system that we could not take over and whose accessibility is managed by Cardif Lux Vie, has stopped. The situation on 31 December 2019 is however still available for those who already had access to e-Club. The login to e-Club will definitely cease End of 2020. Therefore we recommend you to download all individual statements of the previous years. Lalux will not be able to provide copies of the statements prior to 2020 established by Cardif Lux Vie. By the end of the year, Lalux-Vie will launch an equivalent system where you will find a lot of information as of 2021. For the year 2020, all individual statements in paper format will be drawn up and given to your human resources department who will hand them to you.
  • Any additional request for information or question about the pension plan should always pass through your human resources department. There is no direct contact between the member and LALUX-VIE except in case of departure.

What happened to the potential underlying investments in your contracts?

If your contracts offered underlying investments in Cardif's internal collective funds (Cardif replaced FFL funds by C Life funds in May 2019), which we obviously could not take over, we made, in agreement with the Luxembourg control authorities, the following trade-offs in the external Sicavs of the Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat, which have similar investment policies:

Cardif internal collective funds (until 20 May 2019) Cardif internal collective funds (as of 20 May 2019) BCEE external funds  
Name of Cardif funds Name of Cardif funds Name lux | Funds ISIN lux | Fonds
FFL-Bonds World C Life Bonds lux | bond Long Term EUR LU0078029518
FFL-Stable C Life Stable lux | portfolio Defensive LU0091958156
Allegro C Life Stable lux | portfolio Defensive LU0091958156
FFL-Balanced C life Balanced ux | croissance 1 LU0035730109
Crescendo C life Balanced lux | croissance 1 LU0035730109
FFL Dynamic C Life Dynamic lux | portfolio Balanced LU0091958230
FFL-Equities Europe C Life Equities lux | equity Global LU0047355440

You can find all the necessary information about the new BCEE funds at: www.bcee.eu/luxfunds/

We made the trade-offs between the internal collective funds of Cardif Lux Vie and the external Sicavs according to the correspondence table above. The statement sent to you also indicates your current investment choices. Failing to provide us with new choices, we will continue to apply in the future the same choices in the equivalent BCEE funds. Nevertheless, you have the investment choice among all 5 BCEE funds mentioned above. If you want to change your investment choice for future and/or past investments, please use following form https://www.lalux.lu/media/157169/choix-inv-2020-en.pdf and send it back to pensionplan@lalux.lu (and if requested a copy to your HR). The change of choice will be taken into account as of the next annual renewal. 

What happens if you leave?

As described before we are only at the beginning of the annual calculation 2020, which means that some persons who left the company might have to wait a little while until their departure is treated. We want to thank you for your comprehension.

In case of departure, a departure form will be given to you by your human resources department. The form duly completed and signed by all parties and other required documents are to be returned to departs@lalux.lu so that the departure can be processed as soon as the next annual breakdown is finalised.

What happens if you left your employer and you chose the preserving in this pension scheme ?

If you have left the company and chose the preserving in the Pension Scheme of your previous employer, then these assets have also been transferred to Lalux-Vie. As you chose to remain in the scheme of your previous employer, the individual statements are sent to the HR Department who will hand them out to you.

Who can you contact if you have any questions?

As described above, the contact for an active member will be done via your human resources department. Any member who has left their employer can submit their application to departs@lalux.lu or contact 4761-6487.