Travel insurance,Health insurances published on 10.04.2024
The importance of supplementary health insurance: Spotlight on holidays

Going on vacation is a welcome break and a change of scenery, but it doesn't protect us from potential health complications. Therefore, it is crucial to subscribe to supplementary health insurance before departing to ensure adequate protection.

  • Being on holiday is the time to relax and get away from it all, but that does not shield us from health risks. Taking out supplementary health insurance before you leave is essential to guarantee optimum protection.

    Unforeseen medical expenses

    Travelling to different places exposes you to a range of medical risks. Whether it be a simple infection, an accident, an injury while doing water sports or mountain climbing, incidents can happen to anyone. Health insurance becomes an essential asset against these unforeseen financial outlays.

    In some countries, travellers can end up shelling out exorbitant amounts of money for medical care. The United States is notorious for its high medical costs. When it comes to these financial realities, appropriate insurance becomes the lifeline that ensures access to care without blowing the budget.

    Emergency medical assistance

    Comprehensive cover gives you vital medical care in an emergency. This includes medically necessary transport to a hospital or the closest GP and even the payment of medically justifiable return travel costs. This kind of care can mean the difference between a manageable situation and a disastrous medical crisis.

    Peace of mind

    Finally, taking out foreign travel health insurance such as DKV Luxembourg's TRAVEL before you head off on holiday will give you invaluable peace of mind. Simply take out online and you’re insured for your holidays in Europe and the rest of the world.

    Knowing that you are well protected should a problem arise will help you to enjoy your trip to the max without being constantly worried about the potential financial consequences of a medical emergency.

    For frequent travellers

    If you're a globetrotter, we have a practical solution for you: the Travel Pack, an option available in the easyPROTECT Home policy. By adding it to your home insurance, you no longer need to take out insurance every time you book a holiday, and you benefit from ongoing protection. Just choose the covers you need: cancellation, assistance or luggage insurance.

    Guaranteeing the right travel insurance

    In conclusion, taking out supplementary health insurance before you head off on holiday is a wise and necessary decision. It guarantees appropriate financial and medical protection in the event of an emergency, thereby giving you the freedom to enjoy your stay with complete peace of mind. Do not take unnecessary risks with your health on holiday.

    Useful information

    With EASY HEALTH, the TRAVEL guarantee is automatically included in the policy. EASY HEALTH is the best performing supplementary health insurance as it lets you live life to the max without any worries. Outpatient, inpatient, dental or optical treatment? There’s no need to worry about the costs. You’ll benefit from top reimbursements that exceed by far the standards of compulsory health insurance.

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