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easyPROTECT Auto

easyPROTECT Auto

Auto, motorcycle and other vehicle insurance

Private or business trips, family getaways or solo trips, your car accompanies you on your many daily journeys. Whether you are a young or an experienced driver, no one is immune to the unexpected.

LALUX easyPROTECT Auto insurance offers you comprehensive coverage, protecting all occupants, the vehicle and, if necessary, your luggage.

Thanks to our market-exclusive Performance package, you can benefit from optimal protection against all types of damage, without any unexpected costs! Benefit right away from the complete service offer of Luxembourg’s preferred insurer.


Bonus protection following material damage

With the Performance package, there is no premium increase due to material damage to your vehicle.

No deductibles in the event of a covered claim

Full refund in the event of a guaranteed claim. No excess for young drivers, if indicated as drivers in the contract.

Replacement vehicle

Your mobility is guaranteed whatever happens: up to 5 days in the event of a breakdown, up to 15 days in the event of a covered accident, up to 61 daysin the event of theft.

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