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Top Assistance

Your mobility above all

LALUX offers you a towing and repatriation service based on the Third Party Liability cover for vehicles, and it is not necessary to take out Material damage (Casco) cover.

    • Your car doesn't start even in front of your house?
    • You forgot to recharge the battery of your new electric car?
    • Did you get the wrong fuel and your vehicle is immobilised?
    • Have you lost your keys?
    • Did you run over a nail and get a flat tyre?
    • Have you been the victim of an accident that immobilizes your vehicle?
    • Your car has been stolen or is no longer roadworthy following an attempted theft?

    Thanks to the Top Assistance guarantee, you benefit from a breakdown service, passenger assistance and a replacement car 24/7 in front of your house, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and abroad in all countries of the green card ("carte verte") zone.

    • Towing to the garage or breakdown service on site if possible
    • Repatriation of the vehicle and/or occupants
    • Passenger assistance
    • Replacement car
    • Transmission of messages

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