Protecting your loved ones while save while enjoying tax benefits? easyLIFE Mixed combines protection and savings
easyLIFE Mixed
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easyLIFE Mixed

If you want to protect your loved ones in the event of death and at the same time set up a personalised savings plan, easyLIFE Mixed allows you to achieve both at once!
In the event of death, your loved ones’ standard of living is guaranteed thanks to the capital you have decided to guarantee them.
If you live to the end of the contract, you can freely dispose of your savings, tax-free.


Free choice of the amount saved

easyLIFE Mixed allows you to set the amount you want to save yourself. You can also set the payment frequency that suits you best: single or regular premium, annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly – it's up to you.

Estate planning

You are free to decide who will receive the amount of your easyLIFE Mixed insurance. You can change the beneficiaries of your contract as many times as you like, free of charge.
In the event of death, your beneficiaries have immediate access to the amount you have defined, without waiting for the end of the estate.

Tax deduction and exemption

Your premiums are tax deductible (according to Article 111 of the law on income tax), if your contract lasts at least 10 years.
Depending on your income, you can save up to 45 % of it. In the event of death, your direct beneficiaries do not pay any tax on the amount you have reserved for them. The savings capital is also tax-free.

Choice between two investment formulas

easyLIFE Mixed allows you to choose between two investment packages depending on your investor profile and your security or performance requirements.

Investment formulas

The Security formula – for guaranteed savings

Do you prefer security and want the amount you’ve saved to be guaranteed no matter what happens? Opt for the Security formula that offers you a minimum interest rate on your savings set by the insurance supervisory authority (the Commissariat aux Assurances).
From the third year, an additional profit-sharing rate can be set annually depending on the company’s results and the evolution of interest rates on the financial markets.

The Performance formula – for a potentially higher return

Do you prefer higher returns on your savings, while accepting a certain level of risk for yourself?
Then opt for the performance package that allows you to take full advantage of the stock market performance of a selection of investment funds managed by Spuerkeess Asset Management, an investment advisory company set up by Spuerkeess and LALUX.
Depending on your investor return, you are recommended a combination of up to three funds that suit you best.
In the event of death, your beneficiaries are guaranteed to receive at least the sum of the premiums you have invested from the start of your contract, regardless of the results of your funds.
This means you can take your first steps on the stock market with complete peace of mind, by securing the amount left to your loved ones in the event of your death.


Accident Option

In the event of accidental death, the insured capital can be up to four times higher. And in the case of a traffic accident, the insured sum can be paid up to seven times.

Total disability Option

This allows, at the very least, the suspension of premium payments while maintaining the guarantee of payment of the defined amounts. In the event of total physiological disability, the amount provided for in the event of death is paid immediately.


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easyLIFE Mixed

Life insurance savings contract with a guaranteed interest rate and participation in the profits

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Discover the mortgage insurance

Ideal for young people!

The earlier you subscribe to your easyLIFE Mixed, the more attractive the price!
Later on, when you want to borrow a substantial amount of money, for example to buy your own home, your easyLIFE Mixed will allow you to reduce the amount you need to cover the loan considerably.
An ideal savings plan that covers your death while making it easier to achieve your future plans!