Managing supplementary pension schemes made easy easyPENSION PRO, the new secure digital area
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The dedicated customer area for company pension schemes

The new easyPENSION PRO platform is designed for use by employers via their Human Resources manager or department (HRD) and employees of companies that have subscribed to a supplementary pension scheme with LALUX. That allows them to prepare for their employees’ retirement and, if necessary, to guarantee additional security in the event of death or disability.

For some years now, employers and pension plan members expressed the wish to have more regular follow-up and a means of online interaction with their insurer for their pension assets. This is why LALUX has created easyPENSION PRO. 


24-hour availability

easyPENSION PRO is available from your home or from anywhere in the world, 24/7. As a member, you can manage and monitor your pension plan whenever and wherever you want. 

Simplified management

Thanks to easyPENSION PRO, anyone who has assets in a 2nd pillar type pension product can now group them together on the platform and remain in contact until they retire, even if they change employer. This simplifies the monitoring of the pension plan

Centralising of all your important documents

Consult your insurance documents such as contracts and individual certificates directly in your easyPENSION PRO area or request a change of beneficiaries in a few clicks. 

Numerous functions available

View your savings, estimate your pension capital, request a document, check your risk cover, check your investment choices. All these features are now available

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User Guide for pension scheme members

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Who is the easyPENSION PRO customer area for?


The easyPENSION PRO customer area is a practical digital tool for: 

- Members of a company pension scheme, i.e. employees of a company who have subscribed to a company pension plan for their employees 

- HR managers, HR staff and company directors who have subscribed to a company pension plan for their employees, i.e. lalux-Staff Protect

- Self-employed persons and liberal professions who have subscribed to a lalux-Safe Future supplementary pension plan