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  • Floods: How to protect yourself?

    Violent storms are increasingly devastating buildings and land in Luxembourg.

    After the floods of July 2021, in which many parts of the country were severely affected, more and more citizens fear losing their own home. Unfortunately, flooded cellars and destroyed houses are not rare consequences.

    How can I protect myself?

    You can easily add optional flood cover to your easyPROTECT Home insurance.
    This cover protects you against the financial consequences that occur in the event of sewer backups, water overflows, and landslides and ground subsidence caused by exceptionally heavy rainfall.

    What to do if my home becomes uninhabitable?

    If your home becomes uninhabitable as a result of flooding, LALUX guarantees relocation assistance. It organises and pays the costs of transport to a relative's home throughout Europe. If accommodation with a relative is not possible, hotel costs for a certain period will also be covered.

    What can I do if my car has been damaged by flooding?

    Cars are also often badly damaged. During a flood, floating cars that slide on flooded roads are not uncommon. It is therefore important to know that the easyPROTECT Auto insurance covers such damage with the "Forces of Nature" cover. At LALUX, this guarantee is included in the "Security" formula.