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    Content marketing videos - #LALUXOfficeTalk & #LALUXShorts

    Sharing practical advice and tips, presenting insurance solutions while highlighting the skills of the staff: the objectives of the #LALUXOfficeTalk and #LALUXShorts content marketing video series are multiple.

    Produced with the video production agency SKIN, these videos cover a wide range of topics and highlight the expertise of the Group's employees and agents: mobility, pensions, health and digital services…
    Launched in 2022, the videos are produced in two complementary formats:

    • #LALUXOfficeTalk: detailed information on the products or insurance combinations offered by LALUX
    • #LALUXShorts: very short video capsules in a vertical and immersive format aimed at briefly introducing a product or service 

    The idea of this "infotainment" content format is to differentiate from a classic advertising campaign and to be able to broadcast these videos on social networks for the benefit of the general public, i.e. existing customers, Luxembourg residents and expats.

    To find all our OFFICE TALK and SHORTS videos, please visit the dedicated page.
    You can also find all other LALUX spots on the YouTube channel.