New brand universe Don't worry, be happy !
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New brand universe

To celebrate its centenary (+1!), LALUX is launching a new brand strategy.

After introducing a few elements as other communication projects were completed in a year shaken by the COVID-19 crisis, LALUX finally launched its full new awareness campaign.

The first elements making up this new brand universe appeared as soon as the website had been revamped in the autumn 2020 (created by Apart). They were then complemented by an Auto campaign at the beginning of the year and then by the campaign accompanying the launch of the Group’s easyAPP application in mid-May.

Building the new universe

More than just creating a new awareness spot, LALUX wanted to develop a new brand strategy and establish a solid foundation to bolster the coherence of all its campaigns and communication actions on the one hand, and reach a wider target audience on the other.

In order to carry out these in-depth reflections, LALUX chose the Betake agency to provide support. The latter was attracted by the proposed structuring approach aimed at determining the brand’s DNA beforehand, and serving as a solid basis for all future action.

Several workshops, interviews and exchanges were conducted from the end of 2018, involving internal collaborators, employees and agents, as well as marketing professionals from the BetoCee team and other sectors.

These preparatory reflections made it possible to extract the essence of the brand. It was then a question of translating this identity through various concrete elements from which the emotion and values conveyed by the brand since the beginning would emerge and which would serve as a foundation for all subsequent campaigns.

The idea was, naturally, to develop a universe linked to the world of insurance, but which would approach the theme in an original way, and above all focus on the positive aspect of being well insured. The idea was not to fall into the usual stereotypes that accentuate anxiety-provoking situations to demonstrate the need for insurance, but rather to show the pleasure of living an intense and free life without worrying about possible setbacks, all taken care of by one’s favourite insurance company.

In order to guarantee the right tone, the first elements created were tested by a sample of consumers representative of current Luxembourg society. Several focus groups were held to discuss insurance in general, gather feedback from the public and validate the concepts defined, before proceeding with the production.



Elements of the new universe

Don't worry, be happy !

A new slogan, in universal language, in reference to Bobby Mc Ferrin’s hit of the late 80s, which has become the intergenerational anthem of positivism and carefree living... that a good insurance makes possible ;-)

The smile as a signature

A smile, omnipresent, on all the campaign supports aims to reinforce the human side with its tailor-made graphics. More than a simple graphic element, it materialises the objective of LALUX to guarantee putting a smile on its customers’ faces, no matter what happens, thanks to efficient coverage, and above all to the quality of service that the Group constantly seeks to improve.  

    The results of several surveys regularly confirm the high level of satisfaction of its customers:

    • LALUX was voted Luxembourg’s favourite brand in 2020 by the KPMG Customer Experience Study
    • More than 8 out of 10 customers are prepared to recommend the brand, according to the Ilrès survey
    • Its level of satisfaction reaches 98% according to internal surveys systematically carried out after an incident

    Simplifying insurance as an objective

    The content has been simplified in appearance, thanks to new, clear pictograms, but also with more depth: the explanatory texts have been revised on all media.

    New radio spots created

    A series of radio spots, designed in the form of episodes, featuring in turn different products or tools (Auto insurance, easyAPP, Family Civil Liability and Home insurance) but essentially aimed at establishing the new state of mind associated with the brand.

    Spot radio FR : Le gâteau de maman
    Spot radio LU : Le gâteau de maman
    Spot Radio FR : La vitre du voisin
    Spot radio LU : La vitre du voisin

    Discover the new advertising film

    A new advertising film, which introduces the new slogan and connects all the elements of the new brand universe by showing the positive, cool and resolutely offbeat spirit in which the brand wishes to present itself from now on: being well insured with LALUX allows you to keep smiling in all circumstances!

    The Focus Group tests also showed that it subtly recalled the spirit of the old LA LUXEMBOURGEOISE spots, while addressing a wider target.

    Synopsis: A family returns from holiday to find that their home has been visited by a surprise visitor... However, against all odds, nothing can rob them of their relaxed mood. In fact, nothing can perturb them, and for good reason... Don’t worry, be happy! They’re with LALUX ;-)