Car Insurance

easyPROTECT Auto: making the 'quality' choice

Our easyPROTECT Auto car insurance provides the most complete car insurance cover on the market. With the formulae 'Security', 'Comfort' and 'Performance' LALUX offers a flexible policy that is adapted to your needs, your means and your vehicle.
You yourself get to choose the formula, options and services that best meet your requirements. Whatever your priority, LALUX offers flexible solutions that will meet your expectations and thus guarantee the best possible protection.


Your guarantees

Security Optional Comfort Optional Performance Optional
Cover of damage caused to third parties
Defense of your interests in case of a traffic accident
Compensation in case of burns and overheating
Compensation in case of short circuits
Replacement of fire extinguishers
Car-jacking, home-jacking
Replacement of keys and locks (if stolen or lost)
Repair of anti-theft system
No deductible in case of car theft
Breakage of windscreen, sun visors and wing mirrors
Breakage of headlight blocks (Xenon included)
Breakage of sunroof
Collision with wild or roaming domestic animals
Forces of nature: storm, hail, flooding
No mandatory deductible
Damage caused by martens and weasels
Damage caused to tyres (even in the event of vandalism)
Contribution towards engine repairing costs in case of a fuel error
Restoration of airbag and repair of damage directly caused by the airbag
Direct handling of repair invoice
Bonus Joker in the absence of a 'casco' claim within the 3 last years
No penalty (malus) in case of a 'casco' claim
Purchase value of used vehicle (additional compensation for vehicle aged between 1 and 3 years)
Breakdown service and towing following an accident (7d/7, 24h/24)
Repatriation of the vehicle and/or the occupants
Passenger assistance
Total loss cover
New replacement value for 3 years
Purchase value of used vehicle
Up to 36 days
Provision of a superior category vehicle
Driver Cover
Personal accident cover for driver & family - death, disability, medical fees
Luggage inside the vehicle (GPS, mobile phone, child seat, personal objects)
Luggage fixed on the outside of the vehicle (roof box content, luggage rack)

When choosing your shoes or your car, one of your utmost important criteria is quality. easyPROTECT Auto car insurance allows you to move around easily and to enjoy your freedom with a good conscience.

In fact, you are never fully protected behind the wheel: a simple dent, a cracked or broken windscreen, the theft of your luggage, a traffic accident or any other unpredictable incident that could damage your vehicle or even worse cause injury to yourself, those close to you or any third party.

Feel safe and secure: easyPROTECT Auto includes all the most essential guarantees and much more.

A third party car liability cover is mandatory in Luxembourg and covers the victims of road accidents. It compensates people injured once liability is established on the part of the owner, holder or driver of the insured car or any person in it.

Family members are considered as 'third parties' when it comes to compensation for injury or loss. The cover is unlimited except for material damage caused by fire, flames or explosion.

Did you know that the driver is the only person who is never protected by his own Third Party Car Liability cover! Our optional driver protection guarantees 'Driver Cover' and 'Personal Accident Cover' are essential complements.

They fill a protection gap and any bodily injuries sustained by the driver, including medical treatment fees, medical care, loss of income in the event of a working disability or even death up to EUR 1 250 000.

This insurance extends to road traffic accidents in which the driver and his family are victims.

The insured sets the sums insured and can opt for a capital payment in the event of death or permanent invalidity or for the payment of a daily indemnity from the first day of hospitalisation and the reimbursement of medical costs.

At LALUX, you can have a 24/7 trailer and repatriation service as soon as you subscribe a Third Party Car Liability cover.

If your car is immobilised as a result of an accident or theft, you have the benefit of a breakdown service, passenger assistance and a replacement car 24/24 7/7 both in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and in other countries of the EU, Switzerland and Norway.

No automatic loss of bonus after a casco claim

In the event of accident or material damage without third parties being involved or in the event of damage without the guilty party being identified, there is not necessary a penalty. The 'Casco' guarantee of our 'Performance' formula covers the repairs to your car without any mandatory deductible and without affecting your bonus. 

Up to 3 years 'new replacement value” for cars less than one year old

The compensation paid in the event of total loss or theft will be equal to your car’s new value for 36 months from the date of the car’s first registration.

'Purchase value' of used cars

Vehicles aged between 1 and 3 years also benefit from increased cover. LALUX will cover the purchase value of your vehicle in case of a covered incident. You can add this guarantee to your 'Security' formula where it applies to the fire, theft and glass breakage guarantees or opt for it when subscribing to a 'Comfort' or 'Performance' formula. In that case, it applies to all of the subscribed guarantees. 

Replacement vehicle

In the event of theft or total loss of your car, we will provide you with a replacement car for up to 36 days ('Comfort' and 'Performance' formula).

With the additional 'Provision of superior category replacement vehicle' cover extension, you will be sure to be provided with a replacement vehicle that meets your personal comfort requirements.

Damage assessment by an independent expert

In the event of a claim or total loss, the damage assessment will be made by an independent expert approved by the “Order of Experts”.

Your advantages

  • 3 different comprehensive subscription formulae
  • No loss of bonus for 'casco' damage repair in the 'Performance' formula
  • 'Total loss' guarantee optionally available in the 'Security' formula
  • Option of a 'superior category' replacement car
  • Up to 3 years new remplacement value for your car
  • Top-Assistance 24/24 free of charge
  • Protection for the driver and passengers
  • Cover for luggage and personal effects
  • Policies consolidation discount up to 100 € per car per annum
  • New client discount of 10%
  • Monthly premium payment without any extra charge