Home Insurance

easyPROTECT Home

easyPROTECT Home is the multiple-risk home insurance suited to your needs. You move into your first home, you build your home and you keep it up to date.

Whether you are single, a large family, owner or tenant, easyPROTECT Home is the tailored home insurance which makes your life easier!


Your guarantees

Security Optional Comfort Optional Performance Optional
Fire, lightning, explosions and implosions
Electrical damage (short circuit)
Fall and collision of third party objects (cars, planes, animals)
Household damage
Water and frost damage
Oil leakage
Theft and real estate deteriorations
Theft of furniture and movable items
Theft of domestic animals
Glass breakage (windows, doors, sanitary)
Breakage of greenhouses, porches and winter gardens
Breakage of solar panels
Breakage of ceramic glass cook tops
Storm, hail, snow and ice
Reparation of electrical damage without wear
Decontamination of soil in the event of accidental pollution
Theft of garden or terrace equipment, barbecue or plants
Natural hazard damage to garden and terrace equipment, BBQ
Theft of pot plants
New for old replacement of non-portable computer material up to 5 years
New for old replacement of portable computer material
New for old replacement of non-portable audiovisual material
Breakage and theft of audiovisual equipment and household appliances
Breakage and theft of portable computer material all over the world
Theft and loss of luggage all over the world
Theft of your personal effects all over the world
Sewer backup and rainwater seepage
Civil liability, family life and legal protection
Internet protection
Home Assistance

You can choose between three subscription formulae. You can opt for a formula which suits you best to insure and to protect your property and your family.

In addition to traditional cover, the “Security”, ”Comfort” and “Performance” formulae offer you a vast range of guarantees to protect computers, audiovisual equipment and household appliances.

An end to dilapidations! You benefit from compensation as new for your computers, non-portable audiovisual equipment and household appliances for five years.

Better still, all your furniture will be compensated up to their purchase price for ten years.

We offer you cover for personal effects throughout the world 24/24. On a private trip, overnight stay or other journey, the property you take with you is covered.

Indeed, your camcorder, photo equipment, portable telephone and your luggage are all covered against loss, destruction or damage following an attack or theft.

We offer you a breakdown service which not only comes into operation after a guaranteed claim event, such as help with rehousing after a fire, but also assists you in your everyday life by providing a helping hand when it is needed.

Your boiler is playing up, your washing machine is about to flood the laundry, your cooker breaks down just before guests arrive ... these are situations you would love not to arise! But if they do then a telephone call is enough to obtain qualified assistance from specially selected tradesmen.

These days rain damage can be increasingly dangerous and unforeseen. Too frequently excluded from insurances, dealing with waste overflows as well as water accumulations is covered by easy-PROTECT Home.

The costs of soil decontamination after accidental pollution are also covered.

Third party liability includes the obligation to compensate for loss or damage caused to third parties by erroneous acts or omissions. It also arises in the case of third parties or things under your supervision.

The policyholder, their spouse and unmarried children living with them are covered. Furthermore, cover is extended to any other non-married person without their own home or accommodation normally living with the policyholder.

Legal protection
Legal protection cover is highly recommended. It is vital to represent the insured in legal actions and above all in actions against third parties for compensation for loss or damage.

It covers the payment of costs and fees for proceedings, enquiries and assessments.

Student flats
Children under 30 years old temporarily residing away from their parental home are covered during their studies if they occupy student accommodation as a tenant anywhere in Europe.

Material damage resulting from fire, water damage or even broken glass is covered.

This cover protects valuables reliably for material damage arising from accident, theft, fire or water damage throughout the world.

You can also insure certain frequently carried objects when travelling.

You are building a house yourself? Such a project is not without risks and it is wise to take out specific third party liability cover for operations associated with the construction.

The cover in question is generally granted for a period of 18 months, so for the entire construction period.

Material damage caused by subsidence, landslips, rock falls and shocks to the earth or constructions caused either by soil movements or by demolition, landscaping or excavation work cannot be insured.

Your advantages:

  • Contract without deductible
  • Discount of 10% on the first annual premium
  • Home-Assistance around the clock
  • Substitute to the original value with the pieces of furniture which are up to ten years old  
  • Cover of computer hardware as well as audiovisual devices and electrical appliances
  • Coverage of solar cells and dish aerials
  • Coverage against extreme weather conditions
  • Coverage of your personal items all around the whole world