easyPROTECT-Accident - Comfort formula

The Accident insurance, a responsible choice

  • Thanks to the easyPROTECT-Accident insurance you are covered at any time :
    • transport (as a pedestrian, driver or passenger)
    • daily activities (home work and do-it-yourself)
    • leisure activities (holidays, non professional sports, etc.)
  • Territorial scope: Luxembourg, worldwide (for stays under 3 months)
  • Custom-made configurations for every family situation: singles, couples, families with or without children, single-parent families.
  • Possible extension for professional life

Delivery of the Comfort formula

  • The 'Comfort' formula of the easyPROTECT-Accident insurance covers:
    • death
    • temporary or permanent working incapacity
    • remaining medical expenses (medical and pharmaceutical fees, prosthesis costs, paramedical care and hospitalisation fees)
  • Choose freely your insurance sum according to your personal requirements or be guided by the expertise of our agents !
  • Thanks to the optional "home care services", LALUX takes care of a multitude of services which can facilitate your life after an accident: domestic help, living-in sickness care, child care, animal care, psychological support, tutoring, taxi service.

Thanks to its flexibility and its interesting rates, the 'Comfort' formula is the ideal choice for private customers searching to combine simplicity and security.


Did you know that the 'Performance' formula of the easyPROTECT-Accident insurance has been specifically designed for self-employed customers (merchants, liberal professions, etc.)?


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