easyPROTECT-Accident - Performance formula

The Accident insurance, a responsible choice

  • Thanks to the easyPROTECT-Accident insurance you are covered at any time :
    • transport (as a pedestrian, driver or passenger)
    • daily activities (home work and do-it-yourself)
    • leisure activities (holidays, non professional sports, etc.)
  • Territorial scope: Luxembourg, worldwide (for stays under 3 months)
  • Custom-made configurations for every family situation: singles, couples, families with or without children, single-parent families.
  • Possible extension for professional life

Delivery of the Performance formula

  • The 'Performance' formula of the easyPROTECT Accident policy allows to satisfy even the highest requirements regarding protection against accidents.
    • Compensation is based on your actual prejudice and the very consequences on your life: it depends on your age and incapacity degree and is fixed after the possible intervention of Social Security and similar organisations.
  • Unlike the 'Comfort' formula providing a lump-sum compensation (percentage of a previously fixed insurance sum), the 'Performance' formula compensates corporal prejudices according Luxembourg Common Law:
    • It is calculated according your incapacity degree which is stated by a medical expert as well as on your age
    • The younger you are and the higher incapacity degree you suffer from, the higher the compensation is
  • Besides physical damages, it covers the following risks:
    • Loss of income (due to a temporary or permanent working incapacity)
    • Aesthetic damages (scars, disgraces and deformations)
    • Loss of amenity (privation of sports activities, loss of 'normal life' enjoyments)
    • Moral damage (in the event of the policy-taker's decease)
  • Thanks to the optional "home care services" package, LALUX takes care of a multitude of services which can facilitate your life after an accident: domestic help, living-in sickness care, child care, animal care, psychological support, tutoring, taxi service.

The 'Performance' formula of the easyPROTECT-Accident insurance is your safest choice if:

  • You have high degrees of professional responsibility
  • You are a liberal professional
  • You are self-employed
  • You would be unable to resume your work after an accident (restaurateur, garage owner, musician, model, etc.) 


You wish to master your budget while taking advantage of a vast and flexible accident protection?
Discover the 'Comfort' formula of our accident insurance.


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