Your all-in-one contract

easyPROTECT groups all of your main insurances in a single contract. You have a clear and precise overview of your insurance cover, whether for your home, your third party liability or your private cars. easyPROTECT also provides accident cover. 

In addition, you benefit from numerous unique advantages and services which go beyond traditional insurance.


Your guarantees

Included guarantees Optional guarantees
Civil liability and legal protection
Glass breakage
Collision with wild or roaming domestic animals
Forces of the nature
Top Assistance
Damage to vehicle (CASCO)
Replacement vehicle
Luggage and personal effects
Driver protection
Fire, collision and related risks
Water damages
Theft and real estate deteriorations
Glass breakage
Natural hazards
Additional guarantees for the 'Comfort' formula
Additional guarantees for the 'Performance' formula
Civil liability, family life and legal protection
Student accommodation
‘Home Assistance'
Temporary work disability
Permanent invalidity
Medical fees
Home Assistance services
Annual travel insurance
Budget protection
Happy Holiday
Car Service
Annual Assistance
50 € discount on annual premium per car and per house insurance
Up to 100 € discount per Casco-insured vehicle
Monthly premium payment without additional fees

easyPROTECT Auto is the most complete car insurance on the market. You select the formula, as well as the options and services you really need. Your car insurance is suited to your car and to your budget.

In the utmost comprehensive 'Performance' formula, the “casco” guarantee covers the repair of your car without any excess and without affecting your bonus if you have been involved in an accident or state material damage not involving any third parties.

easyPROTECT Home is the multirisk home insurance suited to your daily needs. We offer three new subscription formulae responding to your family situation. In addition, we offer you a unique 'Home Assistance' service.

Damage or breakdown never give advanced warning. You can frequently be caught off guard and need fast and professional help. Whether you are single, a large family, owner or tenant, easyPROTECT Home is the tailored household insurance which simplifies your life!

Private Third Party Liability protects you and your family against the financial consequences of causing a third party injury or loss. It is free for children aged below 30 temporarily residing elsewhere as an apprentice, pupil or student.

An additional 'Legal Protection'-cover is which extends both to justified and to unjustified claims for compensation. In particular it covers the costs and fees of any proceedings, enquiries and assessments.

Financially protect your household and your family in the event of a loss or claim, an accident, illness or death.

We offer you a whole range of insurance products that accompany you through the activities in your private and professional life and during your travels.

easyPROTECT offers you a multitude of outstanding services to make your life considerably easier.

Annual Travel Insurance
In the event of illness, accident, death or other unforeseen event, we cover your booking and travel costs. All the members of your family, your spouse or partner are covered by this guarantee.

Budget Protection
We will reimburse your monthly premiums during any period of unemployment, on production of a certificate from ADEM for up to six months, following redundancy, and in the event of death your relatives will have 12 months of premiums reimbursed.

Happy Holiday
During your absence, you benefit from surveillance of your home at regular intervals by approved security officers. G4S makes sure all your doors and windows are locked and provides you with the perfect all-in-one service to suit your requirements.

Car Services
An approved security officer will look after the official vehicle test (SNCT) or autumn and spring tyre fitting for your car, complemented by a complete valet service.

You may be away for many reasons or you are not free at home to receive tradesmen? Then a security officer will attend to receive them and to watch over your home in your absence!

easyPROTECT Discover by LALUX is the first complete insurance package for students and apprentices aged between 18 and 27 years and living temporarily abroad. It provides an all-in-one insurance solution adapted to young customers needs' and means.

With a whole array of complementary guarantees it covers the students IT, audio and video equipment, their student flat and furniture and protects from the financial impacts of sudden health issues. Discover all the options and configure your student insurance package.

Your advantages

  • Consolidation of your insurance policies (car, home, liability, accident)
  • A clear and precise overview of your cover
  • Certainty of being well insured
  • Substantial financial advantages
  • A minimum EUR 100 discount on your annual premium
  • Monthly premium payment without extra charge
  • Exclusive services to make life easier