Our partners

10020Founded in 1856 as the country’s first financial institution, the Banque et Caisse d'Épargne de l'État Luxembourg (BCEE), is an autonomous public establishment, endowed with a legal personality. The fact that the State of Luxembourg is its only shareholder and that consequently it is the only bank with a capital entirely of and from Luxembourg guarantees maximum security for its customers.

1-2, Place de Metz
L - 1930 Luxembourg

Postal Address:
B.P. 2105
L - 2954 Luxembourg

Tel.: 40 15 1
Fax: 40 15 20 99


Actuarial and risk consulting for occupational pensions and insurance companies

PECOMA Actuarial and Risk S.A. is a company dedicated to the provision of consulting and advisory services in the area of pensions. We also advise insurance and reinsurance companies.

We support our clients in structuring their pension and risk benefit plans and advise them in the selection of the appropriate funding vehicle. We also provide the full range of services in respect of actuarial valuations, management and the administration of the different types of pension plans and pension funds.

Our business also extends to the insurance industry. We are licensed by the insurance regulator as a professional of the insurance sector ('PSA') to provide actuarial and governance services to insurance and reinsurance companies. Our services cover among others the governance functions that can be outsourced (actuarial, risk management and internal audit) as well as general consulting in these areas (pricing, asset allocation,…). 


11-13, rue Jean Fischbach
L - 3372 Leudelange

Postal Address:
B.P. 518
L - 2015 Luxembourg

Tel.: 26 26 09 1
Fax: 26 26 21 00
Mobile: 621 26 26 08

10024- Luxembourg Branch -
In 1993 the Norddeutsche Hagel and the Leipziger Hagel amalgamated their skills to create the Vereinigte Hagel. Now the largest hail insurance company in Europe, the Vereinigte Hagel is a member of the AGRORISK group and insures farmers, winegrowers and market gardeners in Germany, Luxembourg, France and Italy.

Niederlassung Luxemburg
115 , rue de Luxembourg
L - 8077 Bertrange

Tel.:  26 64 99 33
Fax: 26 10 88 22
GSM: +49 170 32 19 807

10025Officially created in July 2010, APROBAT lalux-assurances is the result of an association between two partners in insurance: LA LUXEMBOURGEOISE Société Anonyme d’Assurances S.A. and PROTECT S.A., leader on the Belgian specialist insurance market in the field of construction.

APROBAT lalux-assurances has the tools to meet all the security needs of those in the construction industry: architects, consultant engineers, real estate agents, private individuals, co-ownership syndicates, property managers, promoters and entrepreneurs.

11-13, rue Jean Fischbach
L - 3372 Leudelange

Tel.: 4761-5100
Fax: 4761-5111

10026LA LUXEMBOURGEOISE is widening its range of insurance products in collaboration with the company Vereinigte Tierversicherung Gesellschaft a.G. (VTV), a member of the R+V insurance group.

Through its intermediary it can offer horse insurance, exclusively on the Luxembourg market. This is intended for equestrians, riders and owners of horses for riding, racing or breeding. VTV is the leading insurer in the equestrian field in Germany and has more than 130 years of experience.