Whether you run a large enterprise or an SME, an auto repair garage, a medical practice, a family hotel or a farm, we offer solutions that are customised  to meet your specific needs.

easyPROTECT PRO is the ideal solution for your professional activity! You can bring all your main insurance items together under the umbrella of one policy. We help you with personalised advice with your various insurance and pension questions. Your business, your goods and your person are protected against the damages and risks and their consequences.

There is an ever increasing amount of traffic on the roads. A collision can happen easily and suddenly and can have unpleasant consequences for your professional activity. Whether your business has 1 vehicle or 10, whether it is a standard automobile, a utility vehicle or any other kind of vehicle used in the running of your business, we offer you full cover adapted to your activity, your needs and your budget. You don’t have to choose an expensive policy in order to benefit from the best possible cover for your fleet of vehicles. Depending on the type of vehicle you wish to insure, here is an outline of the main guarantees:

  • Civil Liability, Legal Protection
  • Fire, Theft, Broken windscreen
  • Collision with an animal on the road, Forces of nature
  • Damage to the vehicle 
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Luggage and personal effects
  • Death, Disability and Medical Costs for all occupants
  • Driver Cover

Insurance of property and insurance relating to machinery allows you to insure against damages, risks and their consequences. No matter its size, each enterprise has premises, installations and equipment to carry out its activity. These assets are often owned by the enterprise and comprise a significant part of its wealth. These assets must be insured, even if they are rented or leased. Here is an outline of the main guarantees:

  • Fire, Water damage, Theft, Damage to buildings, Broken windows, Natural disasters  
  • Road transportation of goods and equipment
  • Motor vehicles within the boundary of the premises: Fire, Theft and Natural Disasters
  • Accidental loss of computer and office equipment
  • Breakages of machinery and professional equipment
  • Decontamination of the ground and of goods or assets
  • Restoration of computer data and archives
  • Interruption of operations
  • Property improvements

All jobs have their own associated risks. What can you do if a third party claims damages from you? Your finances can be seriously affected. We work with you to develop an individual solution that perfectly covers your civil liability risks, so that you can concentrate on the day-to-day running of your business. Here is an outline of the main guarantees:

  • CL for the Operation
  • CL after delivery
  • CL  for Existing Objects and those entrusted to the policyholder’s care
  • CL for Accidental Pollution
  • LP and  insolvency of responsible third parties
  • Property CL with Legal Protection
  • Non-physical damages

Each sector of activity includes a certain number risks related to specific responsibilities: 

Medical, paramedical and pharmaceutical professions

  • Theft of customers’ belongings
  • Disappearance of animals in veterinary care
  • CL for radiodiagnostic and radiotherapeutic equipment

Hotels, restaurants and cafés

  • CL for items (customers’ belongings) in their care
  • CL for items (customers’ belongings) left in rooms
  • CL for the wardrobe

Building professions

  • Subsidence damage

Automobile and garage sector

  • CL for faulty repairs
  • CL for damage caused to motor vehicles belonging to third parties
  • CL for driving motor vehicles belonging to third parties

Farming activities

  • CL for domestic, farm and breeding animals
  • Damage from mating activity, damage to cultivated land caused by grazing livestock
  • Operating a threshing business and/or an agricultural distillery

School sector and childcare

  • CL for teachers
  • CL for nurseries
  • CL for schools
  • CL for daycare staff
  • CL for child carers


Protect yourselves to protect your business. As an executive manager you take personal responsibility and risk your assets and holdings.

We offer you cover against the financial consequences of the civil liability you could incur with regard to third parties while carrying out your duties. It may be a question of an error relating to business relations, withholding information, unfair competition, deception or inadequate working conditions within the company.

The corporate manager is responsible for knowing employment legislation and making sure it is applied.

Compulsory accident insurance is the basic indispensible protection for each employee. Its goal is to cover those insured in the event of an accident at work, while travelling or an occupational illness.

Independently of this cover, each corporate manager can arrange for an additional safety aspect to the insurance.

Corporate Accident Insurance is in addition to legal accident at work insurance. It can be taken out by the employer for the benefit of all employees or for a specific group of employees such as managers or executives.

Employees benefit from optimal cover in the event of disability, death or reimbursement of medical costs as a result of a professional or private activity.

Operating equipment, machinery, computers and technical installations comprise the heart of your business. If production machinery is damaged or destroyed, the consequences can be disastrous: loss of turnover, additional expenses, even a halt in operations.

We offer you optimal cover for all of your work-related tools and equipment:

  • Breakage of professional equipment
  • Cost of restoration of data and software from back-up sources
  • Costs arising from the use of replacement office and computer equipment
  • Temporary rental costs for professional equipment

Your advantages

  • Amalgamate all your different policies
  • Protect your professional tools
  • Defend your professional interests
  • Specialist and personalised advice
  • Financially protect your activity
  • Pay your premiums monthly at no extra cost
  • Discount for new businesses
  • Customised insured sums