Savings & Pension

Life assurance provides ideal protection against the hazards of life. It offers appropriate solutions for capital appreciation, retirement planning and tax benefits.

We offer a range of options tailored to your needs, your financial situation and marital status.


Protection and foresight

The best way to kill two birds with one stone
Is the protection of your family and those near to you an important matter?

Would you like to benefit from capital savings at a favourable rate?

lalux-Life is a traditional mixed life insurance policy with a guaranteed interest rate and  profit sharing. It enables you to set up capital savings to cope with any eventuality.

The lalux-Life formula is an ideal combination of family protection and savings.

The insured capital is payable:

  • to the beneficiary named in the policy on the death of the insured while the policy is valid. Payment of premiums stops on the death of the insured;
  • or on expiry of the policy if the insured is still living. The capital can then be paid to the insured or to any other person nominated by the insured.

lalux-Life insurance can be taken out jointly on two lives. Very often, a couple decides to take out insurance on both their lives.

The insured capital is paid on the event of the premature death of one of the spouses to the surviving spouse.

Various types of cover are developed to provide maximum flexibility; one of the options we offer is 10/20. With this policy, the capital in the event of survival rises to double the capital payable in the event of death.

You can choose between other different death capital/life capital ratios:

  • 10/5
  • 10/10
  • 10/12
  • 10/15
  • 10/25

Prepare for your children’s future
Completing your studies and getting started in life need substantial financial resources. Cover for your children in the event of the death of one of the parents is a natural concern.

Our lalux-Education policy allows you to solve these problems.

lalux-Education helps you prepare more effectively for your children’s future.

It guarantees:

  • a fixed income from a specified age, either for studies or for starting out in life; this income is paid as a one-off capital sum or in the form of a pension;
  • an assured income in the event of the death of a parent.

The insurance premium stops being payable on the death of the insured.

Prepare the future of your child from a very early age

Vuild up a savings balance with lalux-Study Cover for your child's studies or start into his/her independant life. Even in the case of death of one of the parents or of one of the insured persons, the future of your child remains guaranteed and the insurance premiums cease to apply.

Moreover under certain conditions you can benefit from the gift for newborns by subscribing a lalux-Study Cover insurance. 


lalux-Study Cover combines foresight and security

  • Decide freely what amount (minimum 25 EUR per month) you would like to invest to prepare the futureof your child.
  • Choose yourself the age of your child when he/she can access this financial support.
  • At the end of the term your child benefits from the financial support on a quarterly basis during 5 years.

Death Cover

Optimum protection for your home
Mortgage insurance, also known under the generic term “Outstanding Balance Insurance” or “Decreasing Term Death Insurance” is a type of risk insurance whose main aim is to cover a mortgage in the event of death.

The construction or purchase of a house or apartment requires a loan of a certain amount from a banking establishment secured against a mortgage. The debt is paid off over a specified period. From year to year the debt is therefore reduced by depreciation. In the event of the death of the borrower, the aim of the mortgage insurance is to pay off the balance of this debt and thus protect the family holdings.

The insurance covers the sum of the outstanding capital plus interest since the last renewal.

Mortgage insurance can cover a single person, i.e. the person repaying the loan; or two people when the loan is being repaid by two partners or a married couple.  

Mortgage insurance can also be supplemented by total permanent disability cover. In the event of total and permanent physical disability following an accident or illness, the insurance pays the death benefit provided for under the terms of the policy.

Protection that defies fate
lalux-Security is an insurance policy that covers risk. It enables you to insure yourself against death and disability and to guarantee a capital sum to your family.

If you die during the covered period, the insured sum is paid to the beneficiary that you have freely chosen. Should you live beyond the term of the policy, the premiums remain with the insurance company.

Considering the modest premiums, the lalux-Security policy allows you to insure relatively large capital sums. It is particularly suitable for young people who want to provide their surviving partner with a financial benefit that is higher than the legal pension entitlements.

It is also a means of security for, for example, business partners who do not want to be caught out by unforeseen events and who want to be able at any moment to deal with the immediate needs arising from financial commitments or business transactions, or for family protection (spouse, children,…).

lalux-Security is the optimal protection to support you through all life’s situations.

Savings and investment insurances

Give your retirement a boost

The question of financing pensions is becoming more and more of a hot topic. The amount of the legal pension will be much lower than the final salary. In addition, doubts about demographic changes and economic growth have a direct impact on the stability of pension plans. 

Since 2002, the legislator has introduced a very favourable tax regime that allows private individuals to set up a private pension savings plan. LALUX-VIE offers you two alternative formulae:

  • lalux-Golden Rent

lalux-Golden Rent is a traditional old age insurance policy with a guaranteed capital sum. When the policy expires, you can either opt for the payment of the whole capital, or receive a monthly pension for life, or a mix of both. 

For more information and technical details, please consult the financial information sheets.


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  • lalux-Pension

lalux-Pension is an old-age insurance policy whose savings are invested in selected investment funds. On expiry of the lalux-Pension policy, you receive a monthly pension for life.

The capital for this pension is determined by the accumulated savings from the consideration for these shares purchased by the premiums and held in the LUX-PENSION investment fund. You can either opt for the payment of your savings as a capital sum, or as a monthly pension for life, or a mix of both.

The maximum number of shares held is limited in accordance with your age. No investment limit less than 5 years is set for the insured-saver. The level of investment limitations then progressively decrease.


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The other way to invest
Do you want security for the stock market performance of your life insurance product? LALUX-VIE offers you an alternative to the traditional investment banking products.

lalux-Invest is an insurance policy with a death capital sum and a life capital sum. The performance of the life capital results from the return from the performance of the selected investment funds. Whereas in a traditional life insurance policy the savings portion of the premium is invested in the insurer’s holdings, with a lalux-Invest policy these savings are invested in unit trusts chosen by the customer from the options provided.

  • Benefits

The lux-Invest policy relates the family benefits to dynamic savings. The death benefit is equal to the savings established at the time of death, but is at the very least equal to the total sum of all the premiums provided for over the duration of the policy. The life benefit is the consideration for the number of shares acquired in the selected financial support(s).

  • Investment Funds

The customer can choose to diversify the investment in three different unit trusts. Each premium paid is directly invested in the selected financial support. Investment funds are managed by the BCEE which guarantees all the professionalism and constant attention of its fund managers.

Security and return
lalux-Safe Invest is a savings life insurance policy with a guaranteed minimum capital sum. It was developed for the insured-investor who wants to establish a portfolio of holdings and benefit from higher performance.

The savings portion of the payments is 100% guaranteed and the interest at the beginning of each year is permanently acquired. You are not running any risks: your savings-capital is safe from the turbulence of the financial markets!

The assets are carefully selected and managed by BCEE Asset Management, an investment consultancy created by the BCEE and LA LUXEMBOURGEOISE. All of these assets comprise high quality obligations and shares for a limited share of 30%.

The alternatives available

  • lalux-Safe Invest
    With this option, the capital sum paid in the event of death is simply equal to the savings at that time.

  • lalux-Safe Invest +
    This option provides better death cover: it meets the tax criteria for deduction of the premium under the terms of art. 111 LIR. This death cover is 130% of the single premium, plus 60% of the total amount of the regular premiums provided for; in addition, the total sum of the death benefit will never be less than the savings.


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Supplementary Insurance

In order to offer the insured the best security possible, LALUX-VIE provides the option of a large number of supplementary cover policies.

  • Most policies can be topped up with some supplementary cover in the event of death by accident or traffic accident. On payment of a small extra premium, the capital sum insured is doubled, tripled or even quadrupled in the event of accidental death. In the case of a traffic accident, LALUX-VIE can even pay out seven times the basic sum insured, which represents substantial material assistance.
  • The insured can often also opt for supplementary cover in the event of permanent disability.
  • As appropriate LALUX-VIE takes responsibility for settlement of the main premium or pays the death benefits directly.
  • The outstanding balance cover can be supplemented by a total permanent disability cover.

Performance and taxation

LALUX-VIE sees that its insured can share in the technical and financial profits.
A provisional profit-and-loss technical account is set up each year. This covers:

  • mortality profit or loss;
  • interest profit or loss;
  • loading profit or loss.

When the balance of these items is positive, it is decided before the end of the financial year and before the final profit-and-loss accounts are drawn up what share to grant to policyholders, what share should go to the various categories and what share should be paid to each policy.

We cannot guarantee the final amount of the profit-share, as it depends on the company’s future profits.

Nevertheless, to give you an idea of the impact of the share, we provide you with an estimate of the final benefits based on a range of likely rates.

The profit-sharing freely and definitively increases the main guarantees of the policy.

Please go to the download section in order to view our leaflet (german or french) about possible tax benefits.

Financial information sheets for life insurances

In 2009, The (Luxembourg) Association des Compagnies d'Assurances (ACA - Association of Insurance Companies) developed a code of good conduct relating to the advertising of single life insurance products. This code is intended to guarantee suitable, transparent and comprehensible communication to ensure that the consumer is not misinformed. It concerns advertising for local Single Life Insurance policies intended for private individuals, including a savings or investment component.

Standardised “Life Insurance Financial Information Sheets” have therefore been prepared to allow consumers to access information about the product’s main elements (cover, return and cost) and to compare the products of different insurers more easily

Financial information sheets »