BCEE axxess-LALUX special offer : Home insurance

Why do I need a home insurance ?

As a tenant, a home insurance is protecting your home against damage for which you might be considered responsible:

  • Fire damage
  • Water damage
  • Glass breakage

If you are already an owner, your home is also protected against :

  • Theft damage or damage associated with a theft attempt (deterioration of property)
  • Natural hazards (storm, hail, earthquake)


A home insurance does not only protect your real estate but all content too: furniture, clothes, IT-material, household appliances, curtains, floor and table lamps, decor objects.


Do not forget to protect yourself by choosing a Private Third Party Liability insurance which is your worry-free solution in case you cause a material damage or physical injury to a third party.


Why easyPROTECT Home is the best choice for me ?

  • No loss of bonus for damage repair
  • Monthly premium payment without any extra charge
  • Home-Assistance around the clock
  • Coverage of your personal items all around the whole world (Performance formula)
  • Special easyPROTECT discounts for bundling your car and home insurances into one single contract
  • Special advantage for axxess-customers of the BCEE