Performance formula with flood protection: choose the really best cover!

More and more often, bad weather devastates entire regions and threats the existence of a large number of Luxembourgian dwellings. The violence of the torrential rains in the valley of Ernz in July 2016 stressed the need for a good home insurance.

In response to this phenomenon, LALUX adapted his home insurance by offering a flood guarantee in the 'Performance' formula of his easyPROTECT-Home insurance policy. This ultra-complete cover protects you against the most frequent domestic risks and damages (fire, water damage, glass breakage, theft, etc.) and offers you an optimal protection against the damages caused by natural hazards:

  •          Damages caused by flood
  •          Damages caused by sewer backup
  •          Damages caused by rainwater accumulation and seepage

Furthermore, the Performance formula offers the following exclusive guarantees:

  •          Breakage and theft of portable IT devices all over the world
  •          Theft and accidental loss of personal effects all over the world

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Check your compensation limits:

In order to know the limitations of the flood guarantee in the event of a disaster, you should check in which risk zone your home is located:

  1. Go to
  2. Activate the following layers under 'Environment, biology and geology - Floods directive': 'HQ10', 'HQ100', 'HQ extreme'
  3. To identify dwellings, add the 'Geographical Location' layer and select: 'Cadastral parcels', 'Cadastral parcels (Numbers)' and 'Buildings'.
  • Your home is in zone 'HQ10 (high flooding probability)': maximum indemnity of 20 000 EUR * per claim / year
  • Your home is located in 'HQ100 (average flooding probability)' or 'extreme HQ (low probability)' zone: maximum allowance of 200 000 EUR * per claim / year

(* 2 616 EUR respectively 26 155 EUR base 100 of the construction index)