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In the framework of its recent easyPROTECT car insurance campaign, ​LALUX has realised new commercials that will be published on social media.


Discover our new video spots



LALUX Assurances, sponsor of the Luxembourg Football Federation (FLF), framed the international  football game LUXEMBOURG – BELARUS of November 17th, 2018 by a tombola. Free tickets were distributed to all the spectators at the entrance of the Josy Barthel-stadium.

The holders of the following numbers are kindly requested to receive their price in the office-headquarters of LALUX Assurances in Leudelange, 9, rue Jean Fischbach. 

1410, 1424, 1538, 1571, 1600, 1742, 1761, 1926, 2169, 2215, 2281, 2317, 2444, 2469, 2700, 2767, 2859, 2902, 3329, 3735, 3758, 3842, 3942, 3946

Thank you for your kind participation.


IDD: some additional signatures but also, the guarantee of a comprehensive and personalised advice!

The new European directive on the distribution of insurances (IDD) comes into effect on this 01.10.2018. To strengthen the protection of the consumers, it imposes a series of new measures to all the insurance companies.

For LALUX, offering security and protection to our customers was always our main objective. Nevertheless, we took advantage of this new directive to set up a series of concrete actions to offer you the best possible accompaniment.

  • Thematic formations are proposed from now on on a regular basis to all our agents and employees in customer contact.
  • The new standardised information documents non-life products (IPID), introduced by the directive, were completed in a transparent way in order to allow each customer to compare guarantees and covers proposed by LALUX with those of our competitors (find them in the section: useful info/downloads)
  • Finally, we endowed our agents a series of precise advice tools, allowing them to identify all needs and requirements, together with you, and to offer covers adapted to your expectations.

The binding character of the directive imposes us however to record all the advice offered by our agents. That is why you will need to sign some additional documents during the subscription or modification of a contract with your insurer, whatever it is.

Convinced that our agents will take advantage of these new exchanges to refine their advice towards you. We thank you for your understanding regarding these additional formalities which are imperative upon all the European insurers.

LALUX Assurances has framed this year's "la Foire Agricole" with a game contest. All visitors could register for the game contest at the stand of LALUX.

It's with pleasure that we announce today the winners of our game contest. Among all participants, 5 people won a per present which will be sent by mail:


- Monique Kettmann

- Ojdana Matas

- Marie Muller-Valero

- Florence Schlanck

- John Delia


LALUX Assurances thanks you for participating in our game contest.


This monday, mai 28th in the headquarters of LALUX in Leudelange:

The ACA (Association des compagnies d'assurances et de réassurances) and the syndicates Aleba, LCGB and OGBL have signed the new Collective Work Agreement for insurance company employees for the years 2018 - 2020.


To ACA's press release



LALUX Assurances, sponsor of the Luxembourg Football Federation (FLF), framed the final game of the Luxembourg Cup on Mai 27th, 2018 by a tombola. Free tickets were distributed to all the spectators at the entrance of the Josy Barthel-stadium.

The holders of the following numbers are kindly requested to receive their price in the office-headquarters of LALUX Assurances in Leudelange, 9, rue Jean Fischbach.

1098, 1580, 1584, 1692, 1751, 2085, 2316, 2502, 2544, 2549, 2711, 3072, 3150, 3249, 3366, 3763, 3794, 4209, 4258, 4289, 4778, 4913, 5167, 5643

Thank you for your kind participation.

LALUX Assurances has framed this year's "la Fête de l'Occasion" with a game contest. All visitors could register for the game contest at the stand of LALUX.

It's with pleasure that we announce today the winners of our game contest. Among all participants, 3 people won 2 Tickets for an concert which will be sent per email:

- Viviane Roob

- Gilles Fanck

- Krisztina Laszlo


Consolation prices will also be sent to :

- Luca Schweitzer

- Paula Lobo


LALUX Assurances thanks you for participating in our game contest.


LALUX Assurances has framed this year's COSL Spillfest with a game contest. All visitors could register for the game contest at the stand of LALUX.

It's with pleasure that we announce today the winners of our game contest. Among all participants, 3 people have been drawn by lot to whom will be sent by Post a present:

- Sonia Gomes

- Afroza Noor Mostafa

- Danièle Perfido


Consolation prices will also be sent to the following 25 people:

- Romina Antifora

- Francisco Anunciação

- Rosalba Barretta

- Paola Cantarini

- Germana Delgado

- Corinne Demuth

- Paul Dias

- Ingrid Groeneveld

- Lynn Hames

- Sonja Huberty

- Vic Jacoby

- Anita Liso

- Aleksandar Markovic

- Valérie Mertz

- Fabrizio Pizzolante

- Kremena Popova

- Atoussa Pourmohebi

- Eva Radva'nyi

- Mireille Roulling

- Mingting Sunwang

- Monica Tosetto

- Melanie Urbany

- Monique Van den Bossche

- Boban Velisavljevic

- Fen Xia Xu


LALUX Assurances thanks you for participating in our game contest.

As of march 27th 2018, LALUX is honoured to announce the partnership with the "Jeune Barreau de Luxembourg"!

Partenariat LALUX & Jeune Barreau de Luxembourg


This weekend, March 24 and 25, the 13th edition of the Relais pour la Vie will take place at the Coque.

The LALUX team is ready for 24 hours of solidarity with people suffering from cancer.


On Thursday, march 15th, the Association des Compagnies d’Assurances et de Réassurances (ACA) held their 62nd general assembly and proceeded in the election of the new board of administration which shall be chaired by Christian STRASSER, CEO of LALUX. He thus succeeds Marie-Hélène Massard, CEO of AXA Luxembourg, who had taken over as the chair in 2016.

To ACA's press release


As one of the market-leading insurance companies in Luxembourg, LALUX is, together with DKV, for the first time partner of the Innovation price in craftsmanship.

This year’s edition carries the title “The Hands of Innovation”.

In fact, the craft sector plays a crucial role in our economy. Although receiving less media coverage than the financial sector, the craft sector is actively involved in improving the living conditions of inhabitants in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

As in other areas, innovation requires dynamism. This dynamism is responsible for the sustainable development, which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

One of the aims of innovation in the craft sector is to reconcile economic and social progress as well as the establishment of an ecological dimension to benefit as long as possible from natural and energy resources.

The innovation price aims at rewarding the efforts and innovative initiatives In Luxembourg. Applications may be submitted until the 1. August for one of the following categories:

  •          Product innovation, service innovation or innovative design
  •          Process innovation and innovative production system
  •          Innovative marketing and communication approach
  •          Innovative internationalisation and export approach
  •          Innovative management approach

More information and application documents are available at:



Over the last weeks, we presented some of our insurance agents via a social media video campaign (Facebook, YouTube, Google+) called #WhateverYouNeed.

With this online campaign LALUX would like to present its extensive network of professional insurance agents in a funny and likeable way and tries to highlight the very different personalities of those agents.

Furthermore, LALUX wanted to underline the valued capacity of LALUX Agents coming up with the right solution, even when facing clients' more unusual needs and expectations. 

Discover the first 5 video clips on our official Facebook - Page as well as on our YouTube channel. To be continued...


Pic1  Pic2

LALUX Assurances and DKV Luxembourg took part in the project dayCARE on 26.10.2016 and contributed to a better future of the youth in Luxembourg, Laos and Nigeria.

Thanks to its participation in the dayCARE 2016, LALUX did not only help luxembourgish students with their profesionnel orientation but also contributed on a social level to the education of young midwives by supporting a project organized by CARE.


This month LALUX will promote the APROBAT lalux-assurances construction insurance solutions.

Are you about to launch a construction or the renovation of your real estate project? These invests are mostly quite costly. That is why you should cover your real estate project with the appropriate construction insurance. As a professional or a private individual, opt for the optimal safety of your real estate project during the period of construction and beyond. 

Learn more about our construction insurances.

The majority of damages already has been indemnified thanks to the formation of our crisis unit.

However we are aware of the gravity of some damages and we ensure to support the victims with flexibility, solidarity and understanding.

Our agents, inspectors and claim handlers contribute all to provide a fast compensation.


250X250 Landingpage BABOUSCHKA LSI

LA LUXEMBOURGEOISE-VIE and LALUX are pleased to announce that for 2015 the savings policy lalux‐Safe Invest has provided a gross return of 2,25% despite a rather complicated economical environment.

Christian STRASSER By Olivier Minaire Photography

The LA LUXEMBOURGEOISE group expanded the scope of its Board of Directors Delegate Pit Hentgen and appoints a new Chief Executive Officer for the insurance companies LALUX Assurances and LALUX Assurances-Vie.

Christian Strasser, 44 years, will be in charge of the General Direction from 1st January 2016 ...


LALUX wants to get closer to its customers.

SEA Adwords 200X200 ANIM ENToday social media can be considered as a perfect meeting platform between customers, consumers, brands and companies. For some it may be a constantly up-to-date news source, others may appreciate it as an additional communication or client support channel.

You will find LALUX now on Facebook, Google+ and YouTube. Follow-us!

Landingpage Jam

The life insurance branch of LALUX recently launched a new ad campaign about its pension insurance solutions lalux-Pension and lalux-Golden Rent. Those two contracts can help you to build up precautionary savings that boost your pension.

Discover your advantages and benefit from tax savings for 2015.

During the Semaine Nationale du Logement, LALUX Assurances invites you to its common stand with BCEE; stand 9A26, hall 9 at Luxexpo.

Here you will get answers to all your questions regarding housing and construction.

For this unique opportunity, an online game contest has been organized and the first prize is a gift coupon equivalent to the value of a Bose Portable Wifi Soundsystem Soundtouch from Lineheart.

Take part in our game contest and visit us at the Semaine Nationale du Logement!

#SNL #game-contest #housing

Starting the 21th september 2015, axxess-customers of the BCEE (age : 18-30) will benefit from the following conditions: 


  • 20 % discount on the first annual premium of every new 'Home' contract


  • Free cover of luggage for 1 year

Prepare the future of your child as soon as possible and build up a savings balance to give him/her the opportunity to study or start his/her independant life. 

By subscribing a lalux-Study Cover insurance with LALUX and by opening a Fit4Future savings account with BCEE before the 1st anniversary of your child, you can take advantage of the gift for newborns of 75 EUR:Photo Biberon


  • LALUX offers 25 EUR for the subscription of a lalux-Study Cover insurance.
  • BCEE offers 50 EUR for the opening of a savings account Fit4Future.


Your LALUX' insurance agent and your BCEE bank advisor will be pleased to provide additional information and remain at your disposal for any further questions.



The portal for free automobile ads which LALUX accompanies since January 2013, has just announced the launch of its new application for Smartphones and tablets based on Apple or Android systems.

Numerous features have been integrated, in particular the request form for a car insurance quote by LALUX which is accessible for any selected car.


Automarketapp Main DisplayAutomarketapp Car SelectionAutomarketapp Quotation Request


Besides, we can underline the possibility of setting up mail alerts, sharing ads via e-mail or Facebook, geolocalization of the announcers, a save-function of personalized requests in the 'favorites' as well as a browsing history. The Automarket application is available in French, German, English and Portuguese.

Download the application for free:

App store Google play

From now on, LALUX allows you to submit a claim report directly via your Smartphone.

After downloading the app "Assisto", you can scan the QR Code that you find on your green card or in your personal customer area in order to save the policyholder's details, the policy and car references. Thus, following an accident, your details are already stored and you only need to indicate the course of the accident and to send the accident statement to your insurer. Hence, errors due to stress are reduced and the compensation procedure is speed up.

Thanks to the multilingual, intuitive and user-friendly app, the submitting of your claim is faster and mobile.

The insurance company LALUX has taken over 100 per cent of company shares of DKV Luxembourg on 31st March, 2015. For the DKV customers this new ownership structure does not change anything in their current contractual connections with the insurer. "Of course we do rely on continuity here", claims Pit Hentgen, the CEO of LALUX. Since March 2002, the Luxembourg-based insurance company holds 25 percent financial stake of DKV Luxembourg. The latter has covered to date the field of health insurances as a reliable and competent partner of LALUX. From now on, the cooperation becomes integration.Thumbnail DKV "Nothing will change in terms of product range, the big choice in full assurances and complementary insurances as well as the devoted and customer-oriented advice and care. Innovation, progress and technical expertise will remain central issues of our activities” declares Pit Hentgen with the indication that all 90 employees of DKV Luxembourg S.A. will integrate LALUX. Continuity remains essential in terms of social aspects too.

For Pit Hentgen this step fits definitely in the business strategy of the LALUX group.
"Our customers and the local anchorage of our company remain key concerns", so the general manager who also goes out from new dynamics in product development and a still stronger consideration of the local circumstances. In addition, the growing importance of private complementary insurances has to be considered. “To a certain extent, this evolution finds now its strategic reflection in our group ", underlines Hentgen.

Within the framework of this takeover, neither the ongoing collaborations with the partners of the German ERGO-group in the field of foresight and service activities nor the local brand appearance (DKV Luxembourg) will be affected.



Discover the official web presence of DKV Luxembourg

BIG Outildiagnostic ENNowadays choosing between utmost important insurance policies and nice-to-have guarantees is getting more and more complicated.

easyCHECK, our free online diagnosis tool for your insurance needs assists you in all your insurance-related decisions since it is suggesting only relevant guarantees based on your personal profile and situation.

In need of a more customised insurance advice, you can choose to get contacted by one of LALUX' devoted and qualified insurance agents.

LALUX is glad to announce a partnership with Just Arrived, a practical guide for expats and new residents in Luxembourg.

The online version of this guide has been launched this week and can be found on (french and english). The site offers a selection of useful and practical addresses, a powerful search and bookmark function as well as the usual community communication tools.

In the era of social networks videos form a new communication tool. Thus LALUX has so far realized two informative videos in collaboration with Radar.

Accident Statement

The instructions of the first connection to the customer area lalux for you are the subject of one of the spots. The approaches that need to be considered while claiming a car accident, including the details to specify on an accident statement, form the topic of the second video.

The videos have been realized with the intention to transmit important information in an entertaining and playful way in order to facilitate the public to get informed about serious themes without efforts. In this context, the concept of the videos has been based on the various codes from videogames.

Visit our YouTube channel or watch the videos on our website under the 'Video spots by LALUX' section.

Do you still remember your first date with your big love? Maybe at that particular moment you have also been to keen to do well?

Logo Easy DateThe 2 new TV and cinema commercials of LALUX caricaturize in 45 seconds a failed date from the perspective of a man and a woman.

An interactive website allows you to import your personal profile picture and to be a part of the movie. This customized video can be shared by mail and all the common social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).


  • Visit and surprise your friends with a customized video of a not-so-easy date.
  • Watch the two original videos of the campaign on our brand new YouTube Channel.

The Luxembourg Red Cross just released an application for Smartphones offering various interesting and useful sections as :

  • How to act in case of emergency
  • I start learning life-saving techniques

Sensitive to the welfare of people living in our country and that do largely trust us with their security needs, LALUX has supported the creation of this mobile application which is totally free and available in French and German.

The app can be downloaded both for Android and iOS by typing the keyword "LALUX" in the following app stores.


Eyecatcher ENG InternetLALUX is very pleased to present you its brand new customer area lalux for you. This extremely practical and easy-to-use service is now accessible to any subscriber of at least one LALUX insurance.

The customer area lalux for you guarantees a continuous availability (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), faster information exchange with your insurance company and more transparency when it comes to your insurance policies.

Make your life easier and connect yourself now, either with your Smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. The responsive design of this service provides a perfect display whatever IT-equipment you are actually using. With lalux for you, you can at any time:

  • Check and edit your personal details online
  • Visualize your insurance policies and the details of your purchased guarantees
  • Download your tax certificates, General Dispositions and Specific Conditions
  • State your claims online
  • Follow your invoices and payments
  • Contact your insurance agent


Do you need further information?

On July 10th 2014, LA LUXEMBOURGEOISE and the BANQUE ET CAISSE D'EPARGNE DE L'ETAT celebrated the 25th anniversary of their successful collaboration during a walking dinner at LALUX Assurances' headquarters.

The board members and the employees of both companies met and took advantage of this occasion to discuss in a convivial atmosphere.

Mister Pit Hentgen, CEO of LALUX, and Mister Jean-Claude Finck, CEO of the BCEE, underlined during their speeches that stability and confidence were on the basis of this partnership and that these values will be the guarantee for a prosperous future.



In order to celebrate the new corporate identity and the recent moving into their new headquarters in Leudelange, LALUX has created a new video ad in collaboration with IP Luxembourg and a renowned Spanish video-artist. The creation of the spot has been completely based on the new technologies of synthetic images.


The habits of Internet users have changed a lot during the last years.

The multiplication of Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have pushed us to recreate our website in order to provide you a more satisfying user experience.

  • Our website is now '100% responsive design': surf and read without any strain to your eyes, the site's content now perfectly adapts itself to the size of your screen.
  • Our website has become more ergonomic: the structure and the search functions have been improved, the navigation panel has been simplified.
  • Our website offers new functions like the 'Quick links' Toolbox which allows you to reach by one click the most researched documents and pages. The 'News' Toolbox shows you an overview of the most recent lalux news on the homepage.


LA LUXEMBOURGEOISE has moved to their new headquarters in Leudelange. The most ancient insurance company from Luxembourg left their renowned buildings at Centre Royal-Hamilius.

The highly modern new building is surrounded by nature and located close to the most important crossroads in the southwest of Luxembourg.


In order to promote their all-in-one contract easyPROTECT, LALUX has created a new video spot showing a young man’s odyssey through different incidents of everyday life based on the principals of ‘Murphy’s law’.