In our FAQ we have identified the most frequently asked questions. However, if you do not find an answer, please feel free to contact our customer service.

Customer area lalux for you

lalux for you is a personal customer area that LALUX provides to all of its clients. By connecting yourself with your login ID and your password, this secured online application offers lots of practical features and is easy to use.

Once you are connected, you will have easy access to all of your insurances contracts: you can monitor your invoices and payments, visualize the details of your purchased guarantees or your Bonus/Malus degree, update your address or personal details, make claim reports and download your tax certificates or General Terms and Conditions.

If you have specific questions concerning the customer area lalux for you and do not find any answers in these FAQ, please call our hotline: (+352) 4761 – 6147.

Your account remains accessible as long as you have subscribed to at least one insurance policy at LALUX Insurances.

The use of lalux for you is not mandatory though. You can connect yourself to your lalux for you account as often as you want or need to, without any waiting time between connections.

If you are inactive for more than 15 minutes, an alert message will show up, informing you that your session will be closed soon. If you remain inactive, you will be disconnected and you will have to reconnect with your login ID and password.

For security reasons, your lalux for you session is temporally limited to one hour. After one hour of use you will have to reconnect in the same way you usually do.

In order to guarantee an optimal protection of your personal data, we recommend you to disconnect yourself after every use of your lalux for you account.

If you are no longer a LALUX Insurances client, your account will be automatically closed.

Your personal customer area only shows risks covered by valid ongoing contracts. Except the "Worry-free holidays" contracts which are shown until one year after expiration, you will not see future or former contracts (terminated, suspended or expired).

Generally, visualized data is updated in real-time. If, exceptionally, data cannot be updated in real-time, you will get a notification that the shown data is from the previous day.

On the overview/homepage of your customer area only 3 risks are shown by category. If you do have more than 3 ongoing contracts, you can click on "see more" to show all of the contracts in one category.

The following insurance contracts are shown in lalux for you:

Non-life insurances: easyPROTECT, easyPROTECT Pro (only for physical persons/individual customers), damage, accident and civil liability insurances, various third party liability insurances, “Worry-free holidays" contracts. Future or former contracts (terminated, suspended or expired) are not listed in lalux for you.

Life insurances: all types of contracts are listed except those being currently delivered.

There are two different ways to connect to your personal customer area:

  • On the website www.lalux.lu you will find a lalux for you link button in the top bar, next to the language choice links. On the mobile version of our website this link is illustrated by a padlock. A click on this link brings you to a secured login-page where you will have to specify your login ID, and the password you defined during the first connection process.
  • You can reach directly the connection page if you are typing the URL https://laluxforyou.lalux.lu in your browser’s navigation bar. You should then follow the instructions given on the secured connection page.

The login ID you will need for the connection to your personal customer area is sent to you via postal mail by LALUX. If you did not receive your login ID yet you can ask yours by completing the 'login ID request' form that you can find in the homepage's quick links section.

Watch the video lalux for you that guides you through the approach of the 1st connection.

In order to connect yourself for the first time to your private customer area, you have to click on the specific link "First connection" on https://laluxforyou.lalux.lu.

For the identity verification process, you are invited to answer to 3 security questions. You have to specify your date of birth, your ZIP code and your customer number. You find your customer number on your contract under the section 'policy holder'.

Having answered to the 3 questions, you will need to indicate your email address, your mobile phone number and you will have to define a password by yourself. Your password must contain at least 6 characters, among which at least one character from 4 of the following 4 categories: a digit, a non-capital letter, a capital letter, a non-alphabetical character (! $, %).

Next, you will have to read and accept the General Terms of Use of your customer area and then you will be redirected to the standard connection page. Finally, you have to enter your login ID and your password. Immediately after doing so, LALUX Insurances will send an SMS with an One-Time-Password (OTP) to your personal mobile phone number. This safety code allows you to connect easily and safely to your personal customer area.

This process has the advantage that both the login ID and all the data necessary for the creation of the password are not sent on the same document: so any hostile interception of one of your mails does not allow to log in to your personal account.

Your mobile phone number is a part of the connection procedure. That’s why the indication of a valid mobile phone number is mandatory. By sending a single-use safety code (OTP - One Time Password) on your mobile phone before every connection, your personal customer area stays secured at the most. This code consists of 6 figures and is valid for 90 seconds.

If you changed or have to change your mobile phone number, do not forget to update your connection data as well. You have to go to the lalux for you connection window, click 'Edit my connection details' and specify your new mobile phone number.

For security reasons, you need to be identified during your first connection to lalux for you: that’s why you need to communicate you date of birth, your ZIP code, your customer number, your email address and your mobile phone number. This procedure prevents any other person to connect to your personal customer area.

Yes, all your data remain completely confidential.
The authentication process has been conceived to guarantee maximum security and data protection while remaining simple and understandable.

  • Your login ID: you find your login ID (fr: identifiant) on your payment notice. However, if you have not received it yet, you can ask for it at any time by completing the form 'login ID request' which you can find on our website in the 'Quick links' box on the upper right of your screen. Once the form completed, a login ID will be sent to you by postal mail.

  • Your customer number: you will find your customer number on your insurance contract under the section "policy holder". It is a number made up of 9 figures. Please do not confuse it with your contract or policy number.

    NB: on life insurance policies, customer numbers contain a letter, a space and punctuation characters, but on lalux for you you should encode it WITHOUT the letter, without the spaces and without the punctuation characters.


  • Your password: you can define your password which you have to seize during every connection. Your password has to contain at least 6 characters, among which at least a character of three of the following four categories: a digit, a non-capital letter, a capital letter, a non-alphabetical character (! $, %).

    If you do not remember your password, you can define a new one at any time by following the link 'Edit my connection details' on the connection page of your personal customer area.

After you went through the first connection process, you can easily connect to your customer area with your login ID, your predefined password and the single-use safety code which is sent to you by SMS. You can then take advantage of all the services and the features of your customer space.

Your login ID and your password are case-sensitive. Capital letters, small letters, spaces, etc. must be thus correctly used so that the connection works.

First of all please verify that you used the right login ID. If you lost it you can ask for it again by completing the 'login ID request' form which you will find on www.lalux.lu. (Cf. 12.)
If you do not remember your password, you can choose a new one online, by following the link 'Edit my connection details' on the front page of your customer area.

However, if you do still not manage to connect to lalux for you, please refer to the hotline: (+352 ) 4761 - 6147 and your interlocutor will guide you through the next steps.

You can ask at any time for your login ID by the form 'login ID request' on our  website www.lalux.lu. (Cf. “Quick Links” tool box).

If you do not remember your password, you can define a new one online by following the link 'Edit my connection details' on the front page of your customer area.

The customer area lalux for you and moreover the whole public website of LALUX Insurances has been adapted to customers’ needs and expectations of today. With lalux for you it is possible to benefit from all the features whatever operating system, Internet browser (IE 8 or higher), screen resolution or device you are using.

Indeed, whether it is on Smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC, the responsive design of the whole website always guarantees an optimized display that adapts to your screen size in order to provide excellent visibility and a satisfying user experience.

In order to visualize and download your documents correctly, we recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader (download here) or another software allowing displaying PDF documents.

You have five attempts to connect to your customer area. If you enter five times erroneous data, your account will be temporarily suspended.

The blocking duration is of one hour. After one hour you can try to connect again. Your account will never be closed definitively.

First of all, the customer area of LALUX Insurances is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and this, no matter the location of your connection. Thus, you will have access to a whole range of features in a few clicks. You save time and take advantage of greater transparency.

The use of lalux for you is not mandatory but represents obvious advantages for you as a customer. Best of all, lalux for you is completely free of charge.

The modifications made on your lalux for you account will be communicated to the concerned department at LALUX Insurances. However your insurance agent remains your priority contact person when it comes to personalized advices.

Modifications that are significant for your insurance agent will be directly transmitted to him. Updates of your personal data will from now on be quicker and the handling of your personal data modifications will be centralized, what prevents unnecessary mails and shortens waiting time.

You can verify at any time your personal data in your customer area under "My account" and if you wish you can easily adapt them according to your situation. (E.g.: if you move, get married or have a child, by clicking on 'Update')

Attention: if you wish to change your mobile phone number or your password, you have to modify them on the connection screen by clicking on the link 'Edit my connection details' since this information is used in the connecting procedure.

Every communication with LALUX Insurances through your customer area is saved under 'My messages'. Claim reports, modifications of personal details, meeting requests, etc. Every message sent to LALUX Insurances remains visible and can serve you as a reminder.


The information communicated through lalux for you is directly handled by the concerned department of LALUX Insurances and the information which is of particular importance for your agent will be forwarded to him/her.

If you contact your agent through lalux for you, he will be directly notified.

The use of your personal customer area represents numerous advantages but does not substitute the personalized service you can only get from an experimented insurance agent you have confidence in.

LALUX Insurances tried very hard to optimize the coordination between technological possibilities that Internet can offer and the personalized quality service that only your dedicated agent can provide.

You can contact your agent at any time directly via the interface of the customer area if you wish.

Car Insurance

Each new policyholder is classified as degree 11 on the Bonus-Malus scale.
For subsequent insurance years, the premium will vary as follows:

  • the absence of a claim during an observation period in which the policy is valid leads to a one-degree drop on the Bonus-Malus scale. The decrease stops at -3 degrees, i.e. 45% of the basic premium;
  • each claim during an observation period leads to an increase of 3 degrees. The increase stops at 22 degrees;
  • however, the applicable degree after 4 consecutive years without a claim can in no circumstances be higher than 11.

Each claim during an observation period judged in favour of a third party leads to an increase of 3 degrees, which as a general rule corresponds to 15%. This increase is smaller if you are located at  0 to -3  degrees on ‘Bonus-Malus’ scale and bigger if you are at  15 to 22 degrees.

You have established a relationship of trust with your local garage and are satisfied with its services. If your car is damaged, you want it repaired there. No problem! lalux leaves the choice up to you and does not impose a garage or repair shop with which a repair agreement has been made.

The assessor can, of course, contact you directly, but in order to do his job more efficiently, he prefers to inspect the car in a garage or workshop. Not only do they have professional tools such as a car lift to give a better idea of damage that is less accessible, but also there is a team of mechanics on site to remove parts in order to detect hidden damage. In addition to that, the assessor can there and then obtain prices and deadlines for the delivery of replacement parts and the number of hours needed to carry out repairs in the best conditions.

The CASCO is not required by law. But if the car is the subject of a lease or if a simple interest loan has been taken out to finance the new car, the bank requires all risks cover.
Taking out a CASCO policy is, however, justifiable for other reasons:

  • if you are responsible for the accident, the damage to your car is not covered if there is no CASCO insurance;
  • in the event of an accident abroad, the CASCO allows swift compensation;
  • in the event of the responsible party leaving the scene of the accident, the CASCO covers the damage to your car;
  • if the responsibility is not agreed, you do not have to wait for the end of a long legal procedure before receiving compensation for your damage. The CASCO covers that.

Victims of a traffic accident frequently do not rent a car. Even if the insurance company does not pay them the compensation allocated for a rental car, it undertakes to present all of the travel to the responsible party’s insurer. These costs are not paid by your insurer, but comprise part of the compensation payment to be made to you by the responsible party’s insurer.

Under the terms of the ‘Replacement Car’ guarantee, you can have the use of a replacement car for 10 days.  If your car is written off, this period will be extended to 31 days. Rental costs are reimbursed up to a limit of €30.-  per day.

The replacement car is insured under the same terms and conditions as those in your insurance policy. Fuel and toll costs and extra insurance are naturally excluded.

The Driver Cover is an essential element of each individual security plan because:

  • the driver is covered in the same way as if a third party (i.e. like another driver) were completely responsible for the accident;
  • its cover is more extensive than that of Accident Insurance, for which the guarantees are freely set by the insured;
  • Driver Cover provides compensation for the actual damage, such as temporary or permanent physical disability, financial loss caused by a temporary or permanent inability to work or caused to the family as a result of the death of the driver;
  • it allows for full compensation in serious cases involving high insured amounts;
  • it automatically includes the indirect costs of a serious accident, in particular the costs of prostheses, funeral costs, etc.

The observation period in Car insurance consists of the 12 months ending 1 month before the 1st day of the month of the policy renewal date.
The absence of a claim during this period does not lead to a drop of 1 degree on the scale if the policy was not in force for 10 months of the period.

The rate for coverage of Fire, Theft, Broken Windscreen and Property Damage is based on the insured value, which must be equal to the replacement value of the insured car.
The replacement value is decided on the day on which the car is insured against one or more of the insurable risks, even if the car is no longer “new” at that time.
The replacement value of your car corresponds to the sales price in a new condition of an identical car with the options and accessories and with any audiovisual and/or communications equipment that is fitted.

  • Options

The options are modifications that the manufacturer has planned along with the basic model, such as: automatic gearbox, tinted windows, electric windows, central locking, ABS brakes, aluminium wheels, leather seats, etc.
Depending on the make, one of these options might be fitted as standard on the basic model.

  • Accessories

These are items that are fitted as extras to the vehicle at the request of the owner; for example, fog lights, roof rack, etc.

  • Audiovisual and/or communications equipment

These include the following items: radio, radio cassette player, CD player, radio-transmitter, decoder, loudspeaker, telephone and similar devices.
This equipment is only insured if it is fitted to the vehicle. Therefore a portable radio that is simply placed on a seat is not covered, and nor are the cassettes and CDs themselves.
Depending on the make, one item or another might be included as standard in the basic model.

  • Sales price

The phrase “sales price” means the official sales price in Luxembourg, without discount or rebate and including VAT.
Individuals and companies who are liable for VAT can insure their vehicle without VAT provided they make the appropriate declaration on the insurance proposal. In such cases, claims will also be settled without VAT.
If the vehicle to be insured is no longer for sale as a new car, its last sales price when new will be taken into account. This price will be adapted to the developments in new car prices for a similar type of vehicle that bests corresponds with the car to be insured. The same procedure will be followed for the options, accessories and audiovisual and communications equipment.


First of all stay calm and carefully complete the ‘Accident report’ that you keep with your car credentials. Note down any important information, such as the name and address of the third party, the make and registration number of the other car and the contact details of the insurance company, including the policy number (which is always at the top of the green card).

Contact our Claims Department immediately. If the third party is insured in Luxembourg, you will get practical help by calling this number: 4761-4761. If the third party is insured abroad, our qualified managers will help you on this number: 4761-6799.

If your car is still drivable, try to obtain an approximate estimate of the damage and make an appointment with your garage. This will speed up the redress and compensation procedure.

An accident report is a document drawn up by the Comité Européen des Assurances (CEA – the European Insurance Council), which expedites the regulation of a car insurance claim. It enables you, in the event of an incident, to make all of the required declarations in a single document.

The accident report is a definitive official document. Once signed by both drivers involved in the accident it must not be amended. The insurers decide responsibility on the basis of the information given in the report.

Insist that the ‘accident report’ is filled in immediately at the scene of the accident.  Even if you are short of time, do not put off this important and common sense requirement to a later date. The other driver might change his/her mind and it would then be much more difficult to redress the situation and the faults. In any event, an incomplete accident report is better than none at all.

If neither of the drivers has an accident report, then simply use a blank sheet of paper, put down all the information you can under the headings ‘ insured’, ‘driver’, ‘vehicle’ and ‘insurer’ as well as the circumstances of the accident. And above all, do not forget the signatures of both parties.
So make sure you always have a copy in the glove compartment of your car or with your vehicle documents. If you don’t have one now, ask your insurer for a copy or ask lalux directly (groupeLL@lalux.lu). There will be no charge.

Compensation for a ‘Property Damage’ claim without any claim for a third party has no effect on your ‘Bonus’. This is a special benefit that ‘lalux’ provides its customers with. The ‘Malus’ will only be applied when there is a claim in relation to Car CL. The vast majority of local insurers are much less indulgent and also apply a ‘Malus’ in the event of a ‘Casco’ claim.

When an accident in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has been caused by an unidentified car or when there is no civil liability cover, the victim and his/her dependents can apply the rights of reparation for damages resulting from personal injury to the Mutual Fund. The Fonds Commun de garantie automobile (FCGA – Mutual Fund for automobile insurance) was created by the law of 16 December 1963. It compulsorily brings together all companies authorised to operate in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg providing insurance against accidents caused to third parties by motor vehicles.

When the insurer provides you with a category B car, this means a small city car that guarantees not only great comfort, but also allows easy driving in built-up areas.

Home Insurance

House insurance is not required by law, but you are strongly advised to insure your home and personal belongings to avoid serious financial problems in the event of a loss. House insurance is very often required by your bank to cover a loan.

  • if all or some of the items are recovered, you should notify your insurer immediately;
  • if the items are found before payment of compensation, you must take possession of them and the insurer will only be responsible to pay for any damage suffered;
  • if the items are found after payment of compensation, you will have the option of taking possession of them and repaying the compensation after a deduction for any damage.

Your electrical damage is covered without a deduction in accordance with the age of your dishwasher. Moreover, lalux-home³ insurance policies do not use the Bonus-Malus system. The loss will not affect you insurance premium.

If you have been the victim of a burglary, be sure to stay calm and try to follow the following advice:

  • call the police as soon as possible and make a formal complaint;
  • do not touch anything until the police arrive;
  • take any necessary measures to prevent a second burglary. Change the locks or replace the broken window. Keep the replaced objects carefully, they could be useful for the inquiry;
  • notify your insurance agent or LA LUXEMBOURGEOISE of the claim;
  • prepare a list of stolen items. Do not forget to include the phrase “Subject to later discoveries”. It often happens that you only notice that a rarely used item is missing a few days later. Keep invoices, estimates and any other evidence and attach it to the report.

lalux extends its cover without charge to offspring under 30 who live elsewhere for a short while as  apprentice, pupil or student. They are considered as living at home with the policyholder.

lalux effectively offers you free insurance against Fire while the work is being done.
Any other risks taken into account by the policy will come into effect when the construction or renovation work is completed.
lalux considers the work to be finished when the following conditions have been met:

  • for Storm risk, the building must be entirely closed and covered with doors and windows fitted permanently;
  • for Water damage and Broken Window risks, the building must be entirely closed and covered with doors and windows fitted permanently, and bathroom installations must be fitted and the heating system must function under proper control.

You do not have to take over the previous owner’s insurance. Simply inform the vendor that you will take care of the insurance and that he/she can terminate the existing policy. However, don’t forget to contact your insurer as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements for a cover note as soon as the conveyancing documents are signed before a notary.

It is recommended that you take photos and keep the valuations or appraisals of your antiques, art, furs and jewelry. In the event of theft this will make the compensation procedure much easier for both the authorities and your insurer.

There is a whole range of house assurance policies available on the market. They cover fire and comparable events, electrical damage, domestic damage, water and frost damage, broken windows, storm and hail damage, earthquakes, theft. lalux offers various options that give you all-inclusive coverage, like for example breakage and theft of portable computer or audiovisual equipment and domestic electrical appliances.

Your spouse (provided you are not legally or de facto separated), your PACS partner (civil solidarity pact) and your cohabitee benefit from your easyPROTECT Home insurance. Just make sure that the sums assured for contents are adjusted to take account of your partner’s personal effects.
You can choose to name your partner in the policy if you wish.

In a Private Life Civil Liability policy the cover applies to any unmarried person who, having no shelter or home of their own, habitually lives with the policyholder.

The term ‘valuables’ includes:

  • jewelry, statues, paintings, rare and precious items whose individual value is equal to or higher than 550 EUR on the 100 index (consumer index);
  • collections of stamps, medals, coins, postcards, engravings, prints, carpets and furs whose value per collection or per item is equal to or higher than 1,100 EUR on the 100 index (consumer index);
  • antique furniture whose value per item is equal to or more than 2,200 EUR on the 100 index (consumer index).

The cover for all valuables defined in this way is limited to 40% of the total sum insured under Contents, although the cover for jewelry may not exceed 20% of the total sum insured under Contents.

First of all, check that your system hasn’t simply run out of fuel. In case of emergency or breakdown, call the telephone number on the assistance card that was given to you with your policy. The agent will ask you for the policy number and make the necessary arrangements to send professional help to your home as soon as possible. ‘Home Assistance’ cover is a unique assistance service that is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Private Life Civil Liability (or third party liability) insurance covers the policyholder, spouse and unmarried children living together in the same household as a(n):

  • private person;
  • pedestrian;
  • cyclist;
  • sportsperson;
  • head of family;
  • inhabitant of the house;
  • keeper of domestic animals;
  • owner or user of weapons;
  • owner or user of domestic or garden equipment.

It is advisable to match the Private CL policy with the Legal Protection which extends to justified and unjustified claims for compensation.

You can carry out the repair work yourself. You must have the agreement of the insurer, who is concerned that the work is completed to a professional standard. That is why an expert or an inspector from the insurance company is usually assigned to visit the premises to get an idea of the size and scale of the damage and the work required. If you carry out the repair work yourself, the company compensates you for the supplies and materials used and also makes a payment to cover your labour.